Building regulatory forms

Find building forms in one central location. This page features all building regulatory forms or links you straight to the page you need to find them. 

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Before you submit your application you need to have your traffic management plan approved. To lodge your traffic management plan for approval go to the Traffic Management Plan web page.  


$294.70 (no GST)


Download Protection of the public application form



$290.40 (no GST) for 2019-20

Report and consent for residential siting information


$368 (no GST) for 2019-20

Download application form for siting approval for temporary structures

Info about the building applications you need to hold a public entertainment event in Cardinia Shire.

This includes:

  • a Place of Public Entertainment Occupancy, for the use of public or private land for your event
  • a Siting Approval for Temporary Structures, for the temporary structures of your event (e.g. stages, tents, seating).

Please note, you will also need to apply for an Occupation of Street permit (hoarding) if your event will impact on surrounding streets and footpaths (including with pedestrian and vehicle traffic).

View form on Request a copy of building plans or documents web page


$290.40 (no GST)

(for 2019-20)

Download Consent to construct a shed on vacant land application form

View forms on Building in a flood prone area web page


(for 2019/20)

Was the application lodged with the registered building surveyor (RBS) on or before 1 July 2019:

If yes - fee is $118.90 (no GST)

If no - fee is $121.90 (no GST)

Online form: Lodgement of documents form (Section 30) for building surveyors

Online form: Section 80 - notification of appointment