How to apply for a building permit

You need to employ a private building surveyor in order to apply for a building permit.

A building permit is different to a planning permit. Having a planning permit does not remove the need to obtain a building permit.

The Victorian Building Authority website provides all the information you will need about applying for a building permit. 

Your building surveyor will forward approval documents to Council for record-keeping purposes.

As the landowner you must provide a copy of the approved building permit and related documents to the person in charge of the work.

You need to display the registration numbers and contact details of the builder and building surveyor on the allotment in a visible location before any building work begins, this information must be displayed and remain visible and legible during the building work.

If you proceed with building works without a permit you are in breach of the Building Act. Any person carrying out illegal building work or allowing illegal building work on their land should not be surprised if documents are served requiring them to attend the Magistrates Court.

If you are found not to have a permit for completed works, an enforcement notice requesting compliance will be served to the owner of the land by the Building Surveyor. Compliance may involve removing/demolishing the illegal structure.

The Building Regulations 2006 provide exemptions in cases where a building permit is not required.

Go to the Report possible illegal building works web page for more information.