Make a building/property information request

What we need to process your application

To make a building/property information request, the property needs to have a Council property number, which you are required to enter in the form.

Please ensure the property has a Council property number and note this down before you start filling out the form. 

For instructions, go to the How to find a Council property number web page. (This link will open in a new window). 

Building information

Details of building permits, occupancy permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the previous 10 years, and any oustanding building notices or orders - Regulation 51(1). 

Property information application form (Regulation 51.1) for:

  • Building permits
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Certificates of Final Inspection
  • Outstanding Building Notices and Orders.

Property Information application form (Regulation 51.2) for details on whether any building or land is in an area:

  • That is liable to flooding within the meaning of regulation 153
  • That is designated under regulation 150 as an area in which buildings are likely to be subject to attack by termite
  • That is in an area for which a bushfire attack level has been specified in the planning scheme within the meaning of regulation 156
  • That is in an area determined under regulation 152 to be likely to be subject to significant snowfalls
  • Of designated land or works within the meaning of regulation 154.

Property Information application form (Regulation 51.3) for:

  • Mandatory inspection dates relating to building permits on the land.

$50.70 (no GST) per regulation

  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • You can pay using the online form below.

A response to your request will be returned within 10 - 15 working days from the date that payment has been receipted.

Apply online

Applying and paying online (this is a secure payment) is easier for you, and means we can process your application more quickly.  All property information forms can be completed and paid online. 

Apply and pay online

To apply and pay in-person, download an application form and take it to our Civic Centre Customer Service