Apply to build in a flood prone area

  • Confirm if your land is considered flood-prone based on our flood-prone area map. If it is, you'll need to apply for consent to build on the land. (If you cannot read this map, please call our Building team on 1300 787 624 to discuss). 
  • This application can be lodged by the relevant building surveyor, owner, builder, architect, draftsperson or any authorised agent of the owner, however it's recommended that it is made in consultation with the building surveyor. 
  • If you're unsure whether your land is considered flood-prone, you can request a property information certificate from us. 

Fees are non-refundable and valid until 30 June 2024. 


  • You can pay using the online form.
  • If you have posted or emailed your form, you can pay over the phone or in person.

Pay over the phone

Call us on 1300 787 624 to pay with your credit card.

Pay in person

Cardinia Shire Council Customer Service Centre
20 Siding Avenue, Officer.

Please attach a full set of plans which demonstrate the appearance and construction of the proposal. These should include: 

  • full dimensions drawn to scale
  • plan and elevation view
  • a copy of the approved plan of subdivision for the property.

In some circumstances, we may request that you include finished floor levels to the Australian Height Datum (AHD). 

You can apply online via the link below


Applying and paying online (this is a secure payment) is easier for you, and means we can process your application more quickly.  

Apply online to build in a flood-prone area


Complete applications will be processed within 15 business days.  (This includes the Melbourne Water processing time of 10 working days).