Apply for Report and Consent for Residential Siting (Part 5 of the Building Regulations)

Report and consent refers to situations where an aspect of your building design or siting does not meet the rules set out in the applicable building regulation.

You need to apply for Council approval to do building or design works on a single dwelling (this is either a Class 1 building or a Class 10 building associated with a Class 1 building) that do not comply with the requirements of Part 5 of the Building Regulations

These regulations outline minimum standards that apply to: 

  • building heights
  • building setbacks
  • fence heights
  • site coverage
  • impermeable surfaces
  • solar access
  • overlooking
  • overshadowing. 

Your planned works need to comply with the regulations set out in the Minister's Guideline on the Siting and Design of Single Dwellings.

Please discuss with your building surveyor before applying. 

$311.80 (2023-2024)

This fee is non-refundable if your application is not approved. 

Applying and paying online (this is a secure payment) is easier for you, and means we can process your application more quickly.  

Apply online

To apply and pay in-person, download an application form and take it to our Civic Centre Customer Service. For help submitting via email or post, send an email to att: Building Admin to start the process.

Your application will take up to 15 days to review.

It may be approved if:

  • you haven't had any objections from surrounding property owners
  • it complies with the Ministers Guidelines

Contact our Building team

Phone: 1300 787 624