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Request a copy of building plans or documents

Our Building department can, on request, provide certain types of information regarding your property.

You can use this information to support a variety of tasks including:

  • renovations
  • extensions
  • rebuilding
  • restorations
  • selling and purchasing homes.

We usually send the documents and plans by email, or you can request to have them sent by mail or held for collection at our customer service centre.

We can supply available plans and documents within 10-15 working days.

Please note, sometimes permit plans are no longer legible or available due to the age of the documents.

Fees are not refundable

Fees are not refundable regardless of the search results.



  • site plans
  • floor plans
  • elevations

Residential: $116 (no GST)
Commercial: $139.25 (no GST)



  • building permit
  • soil report 
  • occupancy permit/final certificate 
  • builder's warrranty insurance

Residential: $116 (no GST) 
Commercial: $139.25 (no GST)

Printed copies

PRINTED COPIES ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. Our offices are not open until further notice, due to government COVID-19 restrictions. 

Residential: $10 extra (no GST)
Commercial: $20 extra (no GST)