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Apply to hold a public entertainment event in Cardinia Shire

To hold a public entertainment event in Cardinia Shire, you will need to apply for both these building applications:

  • a Place of Public Entertainment Occupancy, for the use of public or private land for your event
  • a Siting Approval for Temporary Structures, for the temporary structures of your event (e.g. stages, tents, seating).

You will also need:

When your building project relates to protection work on a street or council reserve, the protection work method approved by the Private Building Surveyor is to be reviewed by the Municipal Building Surveyor to ensure that appropriate safety mechanisms have been considered prior to issue of a building permit and prior to the commencement of the building work. 


  • Minimum fee of $1098 (allows for a maximum 2 hour assessment) must be paid when you apply. 
  • Assessment time exceeding 2 hours will incur additional fees at $80 per hour or part thereof.


The online application form will guide you through the requirements, including:

  • safety and accessibility of the event
  • public liability insurance
  • toilet facilities.


Complete the Place of Public Entertainment Occupancy Permit online application, with the supporting documentation. You will be able to save your progress while completing the form.

You can also download a printable form and post, email or drop it in to us.

Applications can take up to 10 - 15 working days to process (after payment is received).

Temporary structures may be sited on land without a building permit for a maximum period of up to 6months.

Where structures are in relation to a Place Of Public Entertainment, approval is required for its location/siting from the Municipal Building Surveyor in accordance with an Occupancy Permit issued by the Victorian Building Authority. 

These structures are generally:

  • seating stands (exceeding 20 seats)
  • tents
  • stages (exceeding 100sq.metres)

of which have been issued with an ‘Occupancy Permit’ from the Victorian Building Authority to be used in a Place of Public Entertainment.


  • $382.80 (no GST) for 2021/2022

Supporting documents

  • A scaled site plan and floor plan must be submitted with this application, the site plan may indicate traffic movement, locations of buildings, and floor plan shall indicate all safety measures specified in the associated occupancy permit.
  • A copy of associated current occupancy permit issued by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).
  • A draft 'Certificate of Compliance - Inspection' which clearly lists the VBA occupancy permits and associated engineering documents
  • Copy of current Occupancy Permit for the land for a 'Place of Public Entertainment' (a separate application may be required if the land is enclosed).
  • Owners Consent for the use of the land for the public event proposed.
  • Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance - Minimum coverage $20 million dollars.
  • The fee for each structure (2019/20) is $368 (no GST) and must be paid when lodging this application


Complete the Siting Approval - Temporary Structures online application, with the supporting documentation.

You can also download a printable form and post, email or drop it in to us (we will contact you for payment details after receiving the form).

Applications can take up to 10 - 15 working days to process (after payment is received).