Register your backyard swimming pool or spa

  • On 1 December 2019, new Victorian laws were introduced to ensure backyard swimming pools and spas have appropriate safety barriers/fencing. Under these laws, it’s the responsibility of the owner of the property with the pool/spa to register it.
  • You must register a pool or spa with Council if a property you own in Cardinia Shire has a permanent or temporary pool or spa that can hold a depth of 300mm of water. 
  • Once you register it, you’ll receive a letter from Council stating when your pool/spa and its barrier needs to be inspected and approved by a registered building/pool inspector.
  • After the initial inspection, you’ll need to get your pool/spa inspected every 4 years, and lodge the certificate of compliance with Council.

Follow the steps below to guide you through the registration process.

If your pool/spa is capable of holding a depth of 300 millimetres of water, and it will be standing for more than 3 days in a row, it needs to be registered. (If it’s a temporary pool, it needs to be registered no later than the 4th day).

Important information about temporary pools/spas

  • If you’re planning to buy a temporary pool or spa and/or a barrier to put around it, we strongly recommend you check first with your registered pool inspector to make sure they’re satisfied with your proposal before you make any purchases.
  • If you’re renting and planning to put up a temporary pool/spa, make sure you have the property owner’s permission to put up the pool/spa as they are responsible for registering it.


  • Existing pools and spas were due to be registered with Council by 1 November 2020.  
  •  All pools/spas installed on or after 1 November 2020 must be registered within 30 days of the date of occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection.


  • Registration: $84.90 (for pools/spas built before 1 November 2020) 
  • Search: $50.70 (for pools/spas built before 1 November 2020) 
  • Registration: $34.20 (all pools including temporary) 
  • Form 23 - Certificate of compliance lodgement: $21.95
  • Form 24 - Certificate of non-compliance lodgement: $413.40 (this is the fee you’ll need to pay if your pool/spa is inspected and the safety barrier does not meet legal safety requirements).

Register your pool/spa using the relevant form below.

What you need to complete the application  

  • For a permanent pool/spa: The estimated date that it was constructed.
  • Credit card for payment
  • Certificate of final inspection (if applicable)
  • Rates notice if you have one, to look up your property/assessment number. You can also look up the property number online

Register online 

Register a permanent pool or spa 

Register a relocatable/temporary pool or spa

If you need a hard copy form, please contact the Building team on 1300 787 624 or email

Once you register your pool/spa, we’ll do some research and send you a letter or email with the following information:

  • The most accurate data we can obtain on when your pool or spa was built
  • The barrier standard the pool fence needs to comply with
  • The due date for lodging for your pool/spa certificate of compliance (form 23)
  • Once you’ve received the info outlined in Step 4, engage a registered building inspector or pool safety inspector to inspect your pool/spa. Please note that Cardinia Shire Council does not offer this service.
  • You’ll need to allow enough time for the inspector to meet the certificate of compliance lodgement due date (see table below). We recommend you get quotes for the inspection at least 3 to 6 months before the required lodgement date. 

Certificate of compliance lodgement due dates

Date the pool or spa was built         

Date that the certificate of compliance will need to be submitted to Council by the building inspector/pool inspector

Pool/spa built on or before 30 June 1994

1 June 2022 

Pool/spa built from 1 July 1994 and before 1 May 2010

1 June 2023

Pool/spa built from 1 May 2010 and before 1 November 2020

1 June 2024 

Pool/spa construction completed from 1 November 2020

Within 30 days of the date of issue of the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection for the pool/spa.

Relocatable/temporary pool/spa Within 30 days of registration

If the barrier meets legal safety requirements

The inspector will submit a certificate of compliance for your pool/spa to Council.

When the certificate of compliance needs to be lodged

Permanent pools: Within 30 days of the issue date on the certificate, and by the due date.
Temporary/relocatable pools and spas: Within 30 days of registration.

If the barrier does NOT meet legal safety requirements

A certificate of non-compliance will be issued immediately in these circumstances:  

  • For any major breaches found.  
  • 60 days after an initial inspection for any minor breaches found and not rectified.  
  • If the owner prevents the inspector from carrying out another inspection.

You’ll then be issued with a notice requiring you to pay $413.40. This must be paid within 28 days to avoid a further penalty of $1923.10.

Fixing the non-compliant issues

  • You may also be issued with a ‘barrier improvement notice’ that states what you need to do to fix the non-compliant matter/s listed in the certificate of non-compliance. You may need to engage a qualified person to carry out any repairs or alterations. 
  • You then need to lodge a certificate of compliance within 14 days.

Once your pool/spa has been inspected please lodge the certificate and pay the relevant fee online. 

Lodge a Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance (Form 23) 

Lodge a Certificate of Non-Compliance

Certificate of Non-Compliance (Form 24)

Within 4 years after the date on the initial (first) certificate of compliance, or in accordance with written advice from Council to the owner.

Failure to register your pool/spa: Penalty $1923.10 (10 penalty units).
Failure to pay non-compliance lodgement fee: Penalty $1923.10 (10 penalty units)

If you’re removing or decommissioning your pool or spa, you need to contact our Building team before any works start, as this work needs to be carried out to our satisfaction and may also require a building permit.

  • After the pool/spa is removed/decommissioned, contact us to request to have your property taken off the pool/spa register.
  • We may need photo evidence or to do an inspection to see that the pool/spa has been removed/decommissioned.

Contact our Building team

Ph: 1300 787 624