Apply for a hoarding permit for street occupation

  • You need to apply for a hoarding permit (street occupancy) when part of a public access way or Council property requires fencing off for proposed building works. 
  • Hoardings and barricades are used around building sites to keep members of the public safe and to secure buildings sites when they are unattended.
  • A hoarding permit may still be required even if a building permit is not required.
  • Closing part of a footpath for painting.
  • Putting up signage.
  • Machinery being used on the footpath or Council property.
  • Any building work or materials placed on Council land. 

The hoarding permit fee is calculated as a monthly rate based on the square metre area of the hoarding site. 

Area of the Hoarding 

Monthly rate 

Less that 100m2


101m2 - 500m2


Over 500m2


  • A full site plan
  • A copy of the contractor’s public liability insurance with a minumum $20 million cover
  • A copy of an approved traffic management plan (in accordance with AS1742.3 and VicRoads Worksite Code of Practice).

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