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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

  • Many property owners in the local growth areas of Beaconsfield, Officer and Pakenham are required to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for each dwelling being built.  
  • The CIL is a one-off payment made by property owners in these areas to help fund the cost of infrastructure needed in residential developments/estates.
  • By law, CIL needs to be paid before building starts. Under Section 24(5) of the Building Act 1993, the building surveyor cannot issue a building permit until the CIL has been paid.


Infrastructure that the CIL helps to fund may include: 

  • sporting pavilions
  • recreation facilities
  • community facilities
  • maternal and child health centres
  • childcare centres and kindergartens.

The developer of an estate also pays a developer infrastructure levy to fund roads, drainage and other works. This levy is different to the CIL.

The CIL amount payable per dwelling depends where the lot is located, as each area has different infrastructure needs. The CIL amount may also vary from time to time when approved by the Minister.

The amount payable for each dwelling is based on your DCP precinct (as of 1 July 2023):

  • Pakenham Township: $776
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 1: $1,346
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 2: $1,346
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 3: $1,346
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 4: $776
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 5: $1,346
  • Cardinia Road Precinct Cell 6: $1,346
  • Officer Precinct: $1,346

The CIL is indexed annually using the Producer Price Index (PPI) for building construction in Victoria. We gazette these changes every year and publish the changes on our website.

If you are not sure which DCP precinct the property is in, you can check the precinct and amount payable online.

Step 1

Go to Community Compass

Step 2

Click on the search bar (with the magnifying glass) in the top left corner.

Step 3

  • If the lot has a street address: check the ‘Address’ button.
  • If the lot has a lot/plan number: check the ‘Parcel SPI number’ button.

Step 4

Start typing the street address or the lot/plan address in the search bar.

Enter a lot/plan address in this configuration: lot number\PS number – for example, Lot 6 in Plan of Subdivision 315340 would be entered as 6\PS315340

Step 5

Select the street address or lot/plan number when it appears in the drop down menu. (If the search shows 'No results found' or ‘No feature found here’, call us on 1300 787 624 to check the amount payable).

Step 6

Click on the Community Infrastructure Levy tab to show which precinct the lot is in and the corresponding CIL amount payable per dwelling.

You can pay the CIL any time after you buy a block of land. By law, CIL must be paid before a building permit can be issued.

Most builders will ask you for a copy of the CIL payment receipt, which they will provide to the private building surveyor to include in building permit documents lodged with Council.

No – we can only provide a copy of the receipt.

Online (not currently available)

The online form is under maintenance and unavailable until further notice. Please call Customer Support on 1300 787 624 to make payment.


By credit card – call 1300 787 624

In person

By cash, cheque or credit card – visit our customer service centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer (view location in Google Maps)


If you pay over the phone or at our customer service centre, we will issue you with a receipt when you pay.

You can call or email us to request a receipt for CIL already paid. 

Information to include in your email  


Information to have ready when you call

Phone1300 787 624

If you have any questions about the CIL contact us on 1300 787 624