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Register your pool or spa

If you own a pool or spa that can hold a depth of more than 300 millimetres, please note that Victorian Government regulations are now in force requiring you to register any of the following with your local council by 1 November 2020:   

  • pool
  • spa
  • relocatable pool
  • temporary pool. 

Please use the online form on this page to register and pay. 

Within 30 days of registration, we will provide you with a due date by which a registered building or pool inspector must inspect your pool or spa.  

Prior to this due date, please engage the inspector to do an initial inspection of the safety barrier.

The safety barrier must then be inspected every 4 years. 

Pools and spas need to be registered with us on or before 1 November 2020


within 30 days of the date of the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspeaction for the pool or spa. 

Please note that this deadline was extended (it was previously 1 June) as a result of amended Victorian Government regulations introduced on 26 May 2020.  

If the temporary pool or spa is more than 300 millimetres in depth and will be erected for more than 2 days, it needs to be registered. 

  1. Register your pool or outdoor spa using the online form. In the form, you'll need to provide the estimated date that the pool or spa was constructed, which will be reviewed by Council.  
  2. Once we receive your registration form, we will email you to let you know it has been received. We will then investigate and provide you with the most accurate data we can regarding when your pool or spa was built. This will help you estimate when the certificate of compliance for your pool or spa will need to be submitted to us (see table below).
  3. Hire a Victorian registered building inspector or pool safety inspector to carry out an inspection of your pool/spa. (Council does not offer this service). You will need to allow enough time for the inspector to meet the lodgment date (see table below) - it is recommended you get quotes for the inspection about 3 months before your required lodgement date. 

If the barrier meets legal safety requirements

The inspector will submit a certificate of compliance for your pool or spa to Council. This certificate needs to be lodged within 30 days of the date on the certificate. (If you are lodging the certificate yourself, a form is available on this page for you to do this). 

If the barrier does NOT meet legal safety requirements

  1. A certificate of non-compliance will be issued immediately for any major breaches found, or within 60 days for any minor breaches found and not rectified.
  2. Please engage a qualified pool safety barrier installer to do the required repairs or alterations. 
  3. Once the works are done, book for the safety barrier to be re-inspected by a Victorian registered building inspector or pool safety inspector. 
  4. Once the barrier meets requirements, the inspector will submit a certificate of compliance for your pool or spa to Council.


Online form - Register your pool or spa

If you need a hard copy form, please contact us on 1300 787 624, call in to our customer service centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer or email a request to

Date the pool or spa was built         

Date that the certificate of compliance will need to be submitted to Council by the building inspector/pool inspector

Pool/spa built on or before 30 June 1994

1 November 2021

Pool/spa built from 1 July 1994 and before 1 May 2010

1 November 2022

Pool/spa built from 1 May 2010 and before 1 June 2020

1 November 2023

Pool/spa construction completed from 1 November 2020

Within 30 days of the issue of an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection relating to the pool/spa.


  • Registration and data fee: $79 (for pools built before 1 November 2020) 
  • Certificate of compliance lodgement: $20.40
  • Non-compliance lodgement: $385 (this is the fee you will need to pay if your pool/spa is inspected and the safety barrier does not meet legal requirements).

You will be subject to fines/penalties.

4 years after the date on the initial (first) certificate of compliance, or in accordance with written advice from Council to the owner.

Contact our Building team

Ph: 1300 787 624