How to find a Council property number

Some of our forms require you to provide a Council property number so that we can process your application.

If your property has had a rates notice issued, you can find the property number on your rates notice.

If you haven't received a rates notice yet or don't have one handy, follow these instructions to find out if the property has a property number.

Step 1

Go to Community Compass

Step 2

Click on the search bar (with the magnifying glass) in the top left corner.

Step 3

  • If the property has a street address: check the ‘Address’ button.
  • If the property has a lot/plan number: check the ‘Parcel SPI number’ button.

Step 4

Start typing the street address or lot/plan address in the search bar. Enter a lot/plan address in this configuration: lot number\PS number – for example, Lot 6 in Plan of Subdivision 315340 would be entered as 6\PS315340

  • If the search shows 'No results found': this means the property does not have a Council property number assigned to it yet. Depending on what you are applying for, you may not be able to proceed with your application until this number has been issued. (For example, you cannot apply for an asset protection permit without a Council property number). Please check back again soon.
  • If the property address appears in the drop down menu: this means the property has a Council property number. Select the correct address from the drop down menu.The address will then appear in bold on the next screen. Click on the address to display the property number. Write it down or copy it to your clipboard, then return to your form.