Before you burn off ...

The Fire Danger Period has ended in Cardinia Shire. Before you burn off, please ensure that you meet all the conditions and have registered your burn off beforehand. Click here to follow the steps to ensure a safe and legal burn off >

How to find a Council property number

You need your property number to pay your rates, apply for my Cardinia eNotices, and we will ask for it when you talk to our customer service team.

Your rates notice lists your property number. If you don’t have a rates notice handy you can look it up using Community Compass.

  1. Go to Community Compass
  2. Click on ‘search’ (magnifying glass) - top left
  3. Choose ‘Address’
  4. Type your address slowly so the autocomplete can catch up
  5. Check if your property address appears
  6. Select the address
  7. Click on the property address in the left hand side column
  8. Find the property number in the details listed.

Tips if ‘no results found’

Start re-typing your address slowly, and omit the street type (street, road, lane, court etc.)

  1. Go to Community Compass
  2. Click on ‘search’ (magnifying glass) - top left
  3. Choose ‘Parcel SPI Number’
  4. type the property lot/plan number
  5. Check the results

Tips if ‘no results found’

Check your property lot and/or plan number is correct. For example: Lot 6 in Plan of Subdivision 315340 as 6\PS315340

If you have used Community Compass and did not find your property number, talk to your customer service team on 1300 787 624