Apply for an asset protection permit

In response to rising costs incurred by damage to naturestrips, footpaths and kerb and channel during home building, we have introduced an asset protection permit as part of our asset protection system.

Apply for an asset protection permit online 

Print the asset protection permit application

Local Law No 17 states that you are required to apply for a permit to install a temporary vehicle crossing to protect public assets and reduce the risk of possible injury to the public.

The onus is on you as the property owner to comply with the local law. Penalties of up to $2000 may be applied if building has started and a permit has not been obtained.

The permit system also protects people building a home from costly repairs to their own driveways as well as Council assets. Inspections of building sites are randomly conducted throughout the shire, so if you are about to commence building ensure you have a permit before the contractor starts the job.

Property owners or builders are required to lodge a bond and pay the application fee prior to building commencing.


A security bond is also payable, however if no damage has been incurred, the bond is returned to the permit holder.

  • Residential $1000
  • Industrial $1176


An asset protection fee of $247 applies. The fee includes inspections for material storage, environmental controls and toilet facilities. 


A pre-inspection report is carried out to see if any damage is already evident. Once the building is finished another inspection is conducted.

It is recommended that property owners and builders use a temporary crossing board to enhance the protection of the driveway and surrounding area.