Apply for an asset protection permit

An asset protection permit protects:  

  • roads
  • drains
  • nature strips
  • kerbs
  • channels
  • footpaths
  • vehicle crossings 

and other Council infrastructure from any damage that might happen during building works. 

Please note that you can only apply for an asset protection permit when the title for the property has been released and a Council property number has been assigned to the property.  

We cannot process your application or issue a permit unless the property has a Council property number.

You need to have an asset protection permit if you are going to: 

  • start any construction activity, including scraping, clearing of the block, building works or demolition works on the property, or
  • have construction materials or equipment delivered to the property.

The permit is required in accordance with Local Law 17 (section 67).

A permit must be issued before works start. Fines will be issued to a builder or owner if building starts on the property without an asset protection permit.

If any construction activity starts without the permit, we will assume the assets were undamaged before works started and you will be held liable to repair any damages we find during any inspection.

The asset protection permit application fee and bond must both be paid and your permit issued before works start. 

Application fee (2018-19): $260.80 (non-refundable). This fee covers administration and site inspection costs.

Security bond: $1100 (for both residential and industrial). 

To apply for an asset protection permit, the property needs to have a Council property number. We cannot process your application without this number.

For instructions on how to find out if the property has a property number go to the How to find a Council property number web page.


Applying and paying for your permit application online is the quickest and easiest way.

Online: Complete the online form and pay at the same time.

By phone: (If you submit a printed form by post or email). Call our Customer Service team on 1300 787 624 to pay over the phone by credit card. 

In person: (If you submit a printed form by post or email). At our Customer Service Centre, 20 Siding Avenue, Officer.

Applying online for your asset protection permit is the best way. This is because you are required to supply photos of the drain, nature strip, kerb, channel, footpath and vehicle crossing (driveway entrance) outside the property with your application so we can see what condition they are in before works start. By applying online, you can simply attach digital photos to the online form. 

Estimated application process times

Online applications: 10 business days 

Printed application forms: Up to 4 weeks

Apply for an asset protection permit online 

Print an asset protection permit application form

Once you receive the permit, read it carefully as you will need to comply with any permit conditions.

We may inspect your building site at any time during works.  

Before you apply for your bond refund and in order for us to inspect the site, you must:

  • clear the road reserve, nature strip, footpaths and vehicle crossing of all building materials and debris, including skip bins.
  • clear all mud and dirt off all Council assets
  • repair any nature strip damage and level with top soil and grass seed.

Once works are finished, apply online for your security bond refund. We will inspect the assets.

  • If no damage has occurred: we will refund your bond. 
  • If damage has occurred: we will request repairs. Once these have been completed to our satisfaction, the bond can be refunded. 

Request refund of security bond online

An asset protection permit is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. To ask to extend it, email us at

For advice on asset protection permits or to get help with your application contact our Asset Protection team on 1300 787 624 or