Make a building/property information request

What we need to process your application

To make a building/property information request, the property needs to have a Council property number, which you are required to enter in the form.

Please ensure the property has a Council property number and note this down before you start filling out the form. 

For instructions, go to the How to find a Council property number web page. (This link will open in a new window). 

Building information

Details of building permits, occupancy permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the previous 10 years, and any oustanding building notices or orders - Regulation 51(1). 

Property information

Details of whether the property is within a designated termite, flood-prone or bushfire-risk area, is subject to snowfall and whether a community infrastructure levy (CIL) needs to be paid before a building permit is issued - Regulation 51(2). 

Mandatory inspection approval dates

Inspection approval dates for the mandatory notification stages for building work  - Regulation 51(3).

Application fee (for 2018-19): $46.10 (GST not applicable) for each request. 

You can pay using the online application form below.