Apply to build over an easement

An easement is an area of land or part of a lot registered on your property title that gives Council, or another service authority, access to your property.

You must apply for approval to build over an easement on your property.

Apply to build over an easement - online form

Apply to build over an easement - printable form

We recommend that the application be made by (or in consultation with) the Relevant Building Surveyor.

The application can also be lodged by:

  • the builder
  • architect/draftsperson
  • the owner
  • or any other properly authorised agent of the owner.

The application fee is $262.10 (GST not applicable). You can pay using the online application form.

You will need to include these documents when applying:

  • A full copy of Title including approved plan of subdivision and any applicable restrictions covenants for the property.
  • Application brief - outline in detail the reasons for seeking special consideration. You are encouraged to list every reason why you should be granted consent.
  • The 2018-19 fee of $262.10 for each application (GST free). Note that this fee is an application fee and will not be refundable if the application is not approved.

You will also need to submit two sets of properly prepared plans of the site, and clearly demonstrate the proposal in terms of its appearance and construction, including:

  • full dimensions
  • plan and side elevation view
  • material details etc.
  • footing type and design details.