Fraud control

Council is committed to:

  • preventing, deterring, detecting and investigating all forms of fraud and corruption. 
  • protecting its revenue, expenditure and assets from any attempt by members of the public, contractors, agents, intermediaries or its own employees to gain financial or other benefits by deceit or dishonest conduct.

We have established an environment in which fraud is not tolerated and in which councillors and staff are naturally reluctant to act dishonestly. This environment promotes a culture where all fraudulent activities, once noticed or legitimately suspected, are reported, investigated and resolved in a timely and fair manner.

View our Fraud Control and Prevention Plan and Policy      How we safeguard against payment fraud and errors 

If you are suspicious or know that Council, a councillor or a Council employee is engaging in corruption, wrongdoing or improper conduct, you are encouraged to report it. For information on how to do this visit the protected disclosure web page