Citizenship ceremonies

All applications for Australian citizenship must be made through the Department of Home Affairs Residents who have had their applications approved will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony.

All ceremonies are held at Cardinia Cultural Centre, 40 Lakeside Blvd Pakenham. Invitations will be sent from the Department of Home Affairs approximately four weeks prior to the ceremony. 

  • Friday 26 January
  • Saturday 24 February
  • Saturday 23 March
  • Saturday 20 April
  • Saturday 11 May
  • Saturday 15 June
  • Saturday 27 July
  • Saturday 24 August
  • Tuesday 17 September – National citizenship day
  • October ceremony - To be confirmed
  • Saturday 30 November

Council will run 1-2 ceremonies per scheduled day depending on the waiting list provided by the Department.

  • Once your application has been approved you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony.
  • Invitations are generally sent 3 weeks prior to the ceremony by the Department of Home Affairs. Ceremonies are held at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham, starting at 7pm.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes earlier for registration.
  • If you are unable to attend, an invitation will be sent for the following ceremony. Families and friends are encouraged to come along.
  • Photo ID (like driver's licence, learner's permit or passport). If you do not have photo ID, you can not take part in the ceremony.
  • Your invitation letter from the Department of Home Affairs

If you wish to make your oath on a book that relates to your religious beliefs, please bring that book to the ceremony.

All questions about costs, how to apply and the progress of applications for Australian citizenship should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs.

Phone 13 18 80 or visit the Australian Government Citizenship website.