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How we safeguard against payment fraud and errors (eftsure)

  • Council now uses eftsure payment verification services as part of our accounts payable processes.
  • This software solution improves security and reduces the risk of fraud, phishing and errors when we pay our suppliers.
  • By having supplier details verified by eftsure, Council is adding an extra layer of protection against supplier payment fraud.

If you’re a vendor or supplier to Council: You may receive an email from eftsure to verify your details.

  • eftsure ensures that payments are made to the intended recipients by providing us with an independent verified database of payee information and real-time alerts if any payee information is incorrect. 
  • This third-party system is secure and is used by many large organisations and other councils around Australia.
  • Council has authorised the eftsure team to verify the details of our suppliers.
  • If you’re one of our suppliers and you receive an email from eftsure on behalf of Cardinia Shire Council, please click the link in the email and complete your banking information and other requested details in order to be registered as a verified supplier.
  • By doing this, you’ll help minimise the risk of errors and fraud when we make payments to you.

If you're a supplier and you've received an email from eftsure sent on behalf of Council, you can visit the supplier verification portal on the eftsure website and enter the 10-character reference from the email invitation before you proceed with confirming your details. 

If you have any concerns about being contacted by eftsure, please feel free to contact our Procurement team or the eftsure support team to verify that the email sent to you was legitimate.

Council’s Procurement team: procurement@cardinia.vic.gov.au
eftsure support team: support@eftsure.com.au

eftsure website - FAQs

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