Update your contact details with us

Use the online form below to update personal information on record with us including your: 

  • name (either your first, middle or last name – please note that you must attach a copy of the relevant documents as proof of your name change, such as a marriage certificate, name change certificate or birth certificate). 
  • street address
  • PO Box
  • phone number (either home, mobile or work) 
  • email address

Update your contact details online

Print the form below and submit by: 




Cardinia Shire Council Customer Service Centre, 

PO Box 7, Pakenham VIC 3810.

Download a printable form to update your contact details

If you buy a property, you are legally required to let us know about the change of ownership.

Most conveyancers will do this as part of the property sale process, so check with them to make sure of this. However if you don't have a conveyancer handling the process, you will need to download a notice of acquisition form and send or email it to us.

We also accept a copy of the title. Go to this page for info on how to get your certificate of title