Cardinia Shire's history and heritage

  • Cardinia Shire has a rich diversity of natural and cultural sites of local and state significance, from Western Port Bay to the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges.
  • These heritage places reflect the different periods and people who helped shape Cardinia Shire’s landscape; from Indigenous Australians, to logging and gold mining of the foothills, draining of the former Koo Wee Rup Swamp, and pastoral settlement.
  • Council helps to identify, preserve, manage and promote Cardinia Shire’s heritage assets, through initiatives including our Heritage Grants program
  • A range of excellent resources are available to help you learn more about local history and heritage. 
  • Indigenous cultural landscape at first contact (c1835–c1860)
  • Pastoral era and land settlement (1838–c1870)
  • Selection era and establishment of service communities (c1860–c1940)
  • Post war residential expansion (c1945 to present day). 

More info: Key periods in Cardinia Shire's history

  • Council helps to identify, preserve, manage and promote Cardinia Shire’s heritage assets, through initiatives including our Heritage Grants program.
  • To be eligible for the program, the site or place must be in an area covered by a Heritage Overlay, as outlined in the Cardinia Planning Scheme.

More information: Heritage Grants Program

Casey Cardinia Libraries  

An excellent resource offering a wealth of local historical information.

The Local History section of the Casey Cardinia Libraries website includes:   

  • information on the services offered by the local history librarian, who can support you in researching local history
  • a local history enquiry form
  • links to articles, reports and compilations on topics including indigenous heritage, war and military, place names and township history
  • oral history interviews
  • information on heritage groups
  • a blog written by the local history librarian about Casey and Cardinia Shire history.

Visit the Casey Cardinia Libraries website

Local historical societies and museums

These organisations are run by local volunteers who generously donate their time and energy.

They may be able to provide you with advice on researching family, property and township history.

  • Berwick Pakenham Historical Society 
  • Koo Wee Rup Swamp Historical Society
  • Lang Lang and District Historical Society
  • Maryknoll Historical Society
  • Nobelius Heritage Park and Emerald Museum

View contact details for local historical societies and museums

National Library of Australia archive

Trove features books, images, historic newspapers, letters, diaries, maps, music, archives and more.

Heritage Council of Victoria

The Heritage Council of Victoria website includes features such as:

  • the Victorian Heritage Database – this lists Victoria’s most significant heritage places, objects and historic shipwrecks protected under the Heritage Act 2017. It includes all properties in Cardinia Shire that are subject to a heritage overlay, with their citations from our heritage studies.
  •  a guide for owners of historical houses
  • criteria for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register
  • resources for students and teachers.


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