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How to submit a petition

A petition is a direct way for residents or groups to place their concerns before Council and ask for action to be taken.

  • A brief paragraph(s) must be included giving the reasons for the petition and should end with the action asked for. If a petition is more than one sheet long, each page must be headed with these details. 
  • The details should be photocopied or printed on each sheet before it is signed. Wording pasted to a page of signatories is not allowed.
  • All signatures must be hand written and must be original and each person must include his or her name, signature and address (only Cardinia Shire addresses are acceptable).
  • The signatures must be numbered on each page, starting with number 1 for the first signature on every sheet. 
  • No letters, affidavits or other documents can be attached or incorporated on the front of a petition sheet. 
  • The petition must be legible and must be in English, or attached to a certified translation.
  • The wording of the petition must be respectful and not offensive. 
  • Only issues which the Council has authority to deal with can be raised (some matters, for example, are the responsibility of the Victorian or Federal governments).
  • Make sure it includes contact details of the person submitting the petition. 

Once you have checked you have followed the guidelines above, forward your petition to a Councillor (it doesn't have to be your Ward Councillor) or post to:

Carol Jeffs
Chief Executive Officer 
Cardinia Shire Council 
PO Box 7 
Pakenham VIC 3810

You will then be contacted and the petition will be presented for consideration at a future council meeting. 

Contact the Governance Manager on 1300 787 624 or email mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au for more information. 

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