Our heritage

We have conducted a number of heritage studies and reviews to identify post-contact places of cultural significance and develop guidelines for their preservation, management and in some cases restoration.

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The purpose of this study was to identify, evaluate and document post-contact places of cultural significance and to make recommendations for their conservation and management.

The 1998 study assessed approximately 40 places from the Cranbourne and Emerald districts of the former Cranbourne and Sherbrook Shires, which were not part of the Cardinia Shire at the time of the 1996 study.

The 2007 heritage study review identified new heritage sites and re-evaluated some that were identified in previous studies. The aim of the study was to increase the number and types of local heritage places of cultural significance given protection under Council’s planning scheme.

The purpose of this study was to complete the identification, assessment and documentation of places of post-contact cultural significance within the Shire. The heritage places and precincts reviewed were drawn from sites nominated by the community and from previous heritage studies.

This study contains the methodology and recommendations for statutory protection for all places and precincts arising from the study and community nominations.

It also summarises the key findings of a study undertaken in 2006-08 which listed individual places and precincts recommended for addition to the Heritage Overlay.