We regularly tender for the provision of goods and services across a range of activities.

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Tender Reference Date Tender Closed Date of Council Award Successful Tenderer Contract Details Contract Amount (Inc GST) Contract Period
18/05 Comely Banks Detailed Design 24 April 2018 18 June 2018 SportEng Pty Ltd

Detailed design of the Comely Banks Recreation Reserve

$154,165 As per schedule

18/07 Supply of Asphalt and Asphalt Laying Services

24 April 2018 18 June 2018

A1 Asphalting Pty Ltd, Boral Resources (Vic) Pty Ltd (Trading as Boral Asphalt), Meggetto Asphalting & Civil Construction Pty Ltd and R&C Asphalt Paving Pty Ltd

Supply of asphalt and labour to install (when and where required)


3 years + 1No. 2 year extension option

18/08 Road Line and Pavement Marking

24 April 2018

18 June 2018

Roadlinez Pty Ltd, Allmark Linemarking Services Pty Ltd, Image linemarking Pty Ltd

Application of road lines and pavement markings (when and where required) Rates 3 years + 1No. 2 year extension option
18/11 Cochrane Park Tennis Court Construction 22 May 2018 16 July 2018 AS Lodge Construction of four new tennis courts, lighting, shelters, surfacing and fencing for Cochrane Park, Koo Wee Rup. $575,377 As per works schedule
18/10A Pavement Renewal Works 29 May 2018 16 July 2018 QR Construction Pavement renewal works at Garfield North Road, Garfield North and Taplins Road, Catani. $952,748 As per works schedule
18/10B Pavement Renewal Works 29 May 2018 16 July 2018 MACA Infrastructure Pavement renewal works at Berglund Road, Beaconsfield Upper and Army Road, Pakenham. $602,290 As per works schedule
18/10C Pavement Renewal Works 29 May 2018 20 August 2018 QR Constructions Bridge Road Duplication $1,258,507 As per works schedule
18/14 Catani Tennis / Netball Court Construction 29 May 2018 16 July 2018 AS Lodge Renewal of two front tennis/ netball courts, lighting, competition surfacing and fencing. $411,081 As per works schedule
18/03 Cleaning & Internal Waste 5 June 2018 16 July 2018 Pickwick Cleaning of Council owned buildings including public toilets and BBQ's $789,837 for year 1 3 years + 3No. 1 year extension options
18/17 Peet Street Special Charge Scheme Construction 12 June 2018 20 August 2018 Streetworks Construction of the Peet Street Industrial are Special Charge Scheme. $7,425,350 As per works schedule.
18/19 James Bathe Reserve Pavilion Construction 07 August 2018 20 August 2018 Lloyd Group Pty Ltd Construction of the Pavilion at James Bathe Reserve. $5,328,400 As per works schedule
18/16 Provision of Turf Mowing and Associated Works for Sports Playing Fields 26 June 2018 17 September 2018 Citywide Pty Ltd Mowing of the sports playing surfaces across the Shire. Rates Completion 31/10/2019, plus 1No. option for 6 months.
18/06 Mobile Library Trailer Replacement 27 March 2018 15 October 2018 BCVT Pty Ltd Construction of a new mobile library trailer $735,478 As per works schedule
18/30 Officer Recreation Reserve Oval No.2 Realignment 28 August 2018 15 October 2018 SJM Turf & Civil Pty Ltd Reshaping, subsurface drainage, irrigation and fencing to oval No.2 $1,022,364 As per works schedule
18/31 Comely Banks Sports Pavilion Design Services 4 September 2018 15 October 2018 Cohen Leigh Architects Pty Ltd Design and superintendent services for the Comely Banks Sports Pavilion $255,453 As per works schedule
18/09 Resurfacing of Various Roads 21 August 2018 19 November 2018 QR Constructions Pty Ltd Resealing of approximately 55 roads across the Shire $734,268 As per works schedule
18/26 Garfield & Gembrook Sports Lighting Upgrade 25 September 2018 19 November 2018 Commlec Services Pty Ltd Sports ground lighting to Garfield and Gembrook Recreation Reserves. $638,000 As per works schedule
18/36 Architectural Design Services 9 October 2018 19 November 2018
  • John Brand & Company Pty Ltd T/A Brand Architects
  • Centrum Architects Pty Ltd
  • Cohen Leigh Architects Pty Ltd
  • DTA Projects Pty Ltd T/A Tyquin Architects
  • Greenway Hirst Page Pty Ltd
  • GroupGSA Pty Ltd
  • Haskell Architects Pty Ltd
  • Hede Architects Pty Ltd
  • James O Millar Pty Ltd T/A JMA Architects
  • K20.AU Pty Ltd T/A K20 Architecture
  • Katz Architecture Pty Ltd
  • Mantric Architecture Pty Ltd
  • Perkins Architects Pty Ltd
  • 3D Drafting Services Vic Pty Ltd T/A 3D Design Group
Architectural Design Services Panel Rates 3 years, + 1No. 2 years extension option
18/33 Provision of Catering Services for Cardinia Cultural Centre 8 September 2018 10 December 2018 Khans Management Group Pty Ltd Operation of the cafe and provision of the catering services for functions at Cardinia Cultural Centre. Rental plus % of total revenue payable back to Council. 5 years, + 1No. 5 year extension option
18/42 Lang Lang Sporting Pavilion Construction 3 November 2018 10 December 2018 Devco Project and Construction Management Group Pty Ltd Construction of the Sporting Pavilion at Lang Lang Recreation Reserve $7,022,400 As per works schedule