Unregistered or abandoned vehicles

  • Vehicles parked on Council-controlled land, including roads and parks, must be registered.
  • Vehicles are considered abandoned if they haven’t been moved in more than 2 months.
  • Please report abandoned or unregistered vehicles to us.
  1. Check if the vehicle is unregistered or stolen on the VicRoads website. You’ll need the vehicle's registration number from the number plates.
  2. If the vehicle has no number plates or your VicRoads search shows that the registration is expired/cancelled, please report it to us online or call 1300 787 624.

Report an unregistered or abandoned vehicle

  • Once you report it, we’ll investigate.
  • If the vehicle is found to be unregistered or abandoned, we will take appropriate action, which may include impounding the vehicle.
  • Abandoned vehicles that have been impounded are securely stored at a Council facility. If the vehicle isn’t claimed within 14 days and release fees paid, Council may dispose of it.