Renew your health registration for a food, beauty or accommodation business

The easiest way to renew the health registration for your food, beauty or accommodation business (except a caravan park) with us is by using our e-heath portal.

You can make secure payment in the portal using a credit card.

Registration is required under the Food Act 1984 and Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Registration is due by 31 December each year. If you have not renewed your registration by this date, your business cannot trade on 1 January the following calendar year until your registration has been applied and paid for and approved. If you continue to trade without being registered, you may be fined.

We will give you a login so you can renew online. If you have not received your login details by 30 November please contact us on 1300 787 624

To learn how to use the e-health portal watch this video.

Renew your registration using the e-health portal

If you prefer, you can pay your registration renewal by phone or in person:

  1. go to the e-health portal and choose to make an offline payment (this will give you a form to download to use at the time of payment)
  2. call 1300 787 624 or visit our customer service centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer to complete payment.

To learn how to use the e-health portal watch this video.

You can only use the e-health portal to renew your existing health registration.

For information on registering for the first time, go to: