Apply for a recreational vehicle permit

  • You need this permit if you intend to use or allow the use of any recreational vehicle on private land in a non-prohibited area.
  • Recreational vehicles must not be ridden on Council land, municipal reserves or on private land in prohibited areas.
  • There are some designated areas of the shire where reacreational vehicles are prohibited.  Please contact our Compliance Services Team on 1300 787 624 or  to check if your address is in a prohibited area.
  • This permit expires on 30 June each year.


Recreational vehicles include: 

  • mini bikes
  • trail bikes
  • quad bikes
  • motorbikes
  • motor scooter
  • go carts
  • any other vehicle propelled by a motor that's used for recreational purposes. 

They do not include: 

  • a vehicle whilst engaged in legitimate farming activities
  • a motorised wheelchair
  • a motor-assisted bicycle with a motor less than 200 watts capacity.

$432.00 (no GST) per permit with a maximum of 2 vehicles.

Permit will be due for renewal 30th June 2024

  • A location sketch or photo showing the area of the property that you intend to use. 
  • If you're not the owner of the property where you intend to use the vehicle, you need to include a letter of consent from the current property owner(s).

Before applying, please read our Recreational Vehicle Policy.

Your application will be processed in accordance with the policy. All permits are subject to conditions.

Apply online    Download the application form

To lodge a complaint about recreational vehicles being used on private property or Council land, please use the online service request form