Putting a food safety program in place

Class 1 and Class 2 premises registered with Council under the Food Act 1984, are required to have and maintain a Food Safety Program on premises.

The majority of food businesses (such as restaurants, cafe's, delis) can use a standard food safety program template.

Contact us on 1300 787 624 if you are unsure which food safety program is suitable for your business.

The program outlines how your business manages the safety of the food you prepare, serve, manufacture or sell to the community. It is a simple written plan that you can use to make sure your food is as safe as possible and it describes how you control and monitor possible risks associated with the sale of foods.

You will need to complete your food safety program to the satisfaction on an Environmental Health Officer before registration can be granted.

The complete document must be kept onsite and relevant sections must be completed with the businesses details.

All Class 1 and 2 food businesses will need to have a nominated food safety supervisor.

Your food safety supervisor will be responsible for the implementation of the food safety program. You are required to provide us with the name and qualifications of the food safety supervisor when you submit your food safety program.

See the Department of Health's food safety supervisor requirements.

All Food Safety Program temperature records must be kept up-to-date, accurate and on site at all times. This is required under the Food Act. 


  • Retail and food services (Class 2) record booklet
  • Retail and food services (Class 2) food safety program record booklet
  • Food Safety Minimum Records (Class 3)

There are 2 versions of the Class 2 templates, please use the version that matches your food safety program. If your require further assistance contact the Department of Health and Human Services

Download temperature record templates for Class 2 and 3