Neighbourhood houses and community centres

There are 8 neighbourhood houses and community centres in Cardinia Shire.

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These centres provide a range of services, information and resources for their local community including children’s services, cultural, social, health and wellbeing activities, training delivery, and public internet access.

Course and program costs are kept as low as possible to encourage community participation.

Neighbourhood Houses are not-for-profit, incorporated, community organisations managed by volunteers through a committee of management.

Contact your local neighbourhood or community house or see the community directory for more information. 

We support neighbourhood houses by:

  • providing a council building or rental assistance
  • providing annual financial assistance 
  • providing statistics and demographical data to help neighbourhood houses to identify changing needs in the local community and address them
  • supporting local community initiatives
  • helping source training opportunities for the committees of management and volunteers.

Our Neighbourhood House policy provides more details about the partnership between us and local neighbourhood houses and the support that we provide.

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