Grants for interpretive and heritage signs

You can apply for a heritage grant of up to $5000 to develop interpretive and heritage signage on either Council-owned or private properties, as long as that property meets the heritage grant eligibility criteria

If the site is not Council property – you (or the organisation you represent) will be responsible for developing the signage (designs, production and installation) and no Council branding will be required, however you may be asked to include Council’s ‘Supported by’ logo on your sign.

The sign must be located within the boundaries of the private property. You will need to provide a simple map/drawing showing the intended location of all your signs as part of your application.

You will also be asked to provide a summary of the intended content of each sign and copyright permission for any images you intend to use.

If the site is Council property – you (or the organisation you represent) will be required to work with Council’s nominated graphic designer, using our templates to develop the signage. Proposed content will need to be provided to Council for approval before sending to the graphic designer.

As part of your application, you will need to allow for the costs associated with developing and producing the signs. The costs below are estimates only.

Sign sizes

  • Large (main sign) 1200mm x 850mm
  • Small (sign post sign) 480mm x 360mm

Costs (estimates only)

Design cost Mapping/illustration costs Production costs Installation
$160 per sign $1000

Large $250 per sign

Small $80 per sign

Gal poles $30 x 2

Gal poles $25 x 2

Design costs

Council has templates that will keep the cost of developing your sign as low as possible. You will only need one design cost if all your signs are exactly the same, but will need to multiply this cost for each variation.

Mapping and illustrations

Additional costs will be incurred if you want the sign to include maps or detailed illustrations. This is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of the design. Please contact Council’s Sustainability and Heritage Officer to assist you in estimating this cost.


The signs will need to be printed aluminium signs with UV and graffiti protection. The prices listed above are a guide only from one of Council’s sign suppliers.


You will need to consider how and where your sign is to be installed. Sign locations must be negotiated with Council, and may need to include traffic engineers and/or VicRoads and safety standards. You will be required to provide a simple map/drawing showing the intended location of all your signs as part of your application.

Signs may be free-standing (in-ground) on gal poles, or mounted on an external wall of a building, depending on the site requirements.

Large in-ground signs must be installed on two gal poles and meet all required safety standards. Smaller signs may be mounted on walls or fences or on posts, and must meet all required safety standards.

Location and installation of signs on Council property will need to be negotiated with Council.



Contact our Sustainability and Heritage Officer on 1300 787 624 or email for more information or for help with your application.

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