Hire the community bus

  • The community bus is currently not available for hire and is subject to ongoing restrictions.
  • To ensure this service is COVIDSafe, additional cleaning costs will apply.
  • We have a community bus that community groups in Cardinia Shire can hire. 
  • The Toyota Hi-Ace has 11 seats (including driver) and has a wheelchair hoist for 1 wheelchair. It is an automatic and uses Diesel fuel.
  • Contact us to make a booking request.

You are eligible if your community group/organisation is:

  • non-profit
  • based in Cardinia Shire
  • able to demonstrate you are providing services which directly and significantly benefit the whole community or a specific target group in Cardinia Shire.


  • Priority is given to those who are disadvantaged geographically, physically, socially or economically.
  • The bus is not to be used for private, commercial or profit-making purposes.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a eject any booking.
  • $8 per hour (including GST) - extra charge of 60 cents per kilometre for any journey over 400 kilometres.
  • A valid copy of the nominated bus driver's licence.
  • Transport Safety Victoria's certification or evidence that registration has been applied for.
  • Copy of public liability insurance.

Please note: for new applications, bookings should be made at least four weeks in advance. This is to allow processing of bus certification applications through Safety Victoria, which is beyond our control.

To request to book the bus please email mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au or call 1300 787 624 and let us know:  

  • your community organisation’s name
  • name of contact person
  • contact person’s phone number and email address
  • dates/times you want to book the bus.

We will get back to you to confirm availability and provide you with the forms to complete to finalise the booking.