Community wellbeing support grants

The Community Wellbeing and Support Grants Program helps to etablish new organisations, projects and services. It funds initiatives that:

  • improve resident health and wellbeing
  • support opportunities for volunteering
  • build the capacity of community groups, projects and programs to be sustainable.



Applications for the next grants round will open in February/March 2019.

There are 3 categories of funding:

1. Seeding grants (up to $5,000) 

To support setting up new organisations, groups, clubs, projects, programs or services.

You must show that ongoing costs, such as venue hire, insurance or activity costs can be sustained without further Council support beyond the first year.

2. Volunteering grants (up to $3,000) 

To grow and develop volunteering in Cardinia Shire.

Examples include:

  • establishing volunteering programs
  • training and development of volunteers, where not mandated by regulation, nor within the scope of training that is provided by the organisation*
  • promotion of volunteering opportunities.

*Applications cannot include requests for support for training already subsidised by Council

3. Miscellaneous grants (up to $2,000) 

To help with a range of minor operational and equipment costs that cannot be met through other funding sources.

Funding will not be allocated to support the running of events. 

All applications must: 

  • demonstrate a benefit to the health and wellbeing of Cardinia Shire residents and align to the priorities of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan
  • support equitable access and inclusion
  • address an unmet need (and provide evidence of this need)
  • clearly identify beneficiaries
  • clearly state objectives with measurable outcomes; and
  • address how the application fits within the scope of the grant category.

Multiple applications may be considered if this grants program is undersubscribed in any given year, however all applications must meet the funding criteria and be assessed as eligible. 

Applicants must provide evidence of the grant amount requested. This includes copies of quotes or evidence of cost justifications for the grant application.

  • Applications will be assessed by a multidisciplinary panel of Council staff.
  • Applications must align with key priorities of the Liveability Plan
  • Applications that do not provide sufficient documentation (copies of quotes or cost justifications) will not be considered. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • All successful applications will be presented at Council, and successful applicants notified via email shortly afterwards. 

All grants recipients must:  

  • acknowledge Council as a funding provider in any promotion or publication relating to the project or initiative
  • provide an evaluation and acquittal within 2 months of the project being completed. 

To apply for this grant go to the Cardinia Smarty Grants website. 

If you wish to query a grants assessment please send a written request for clarification by post or email: 


Community Strengthening Unit

Cardinia Shire Council

PO Box 7

Pakenham VIC 3810


All requests will receive due consideration and a written response will be provided.

Call: 1300 787 624