Our LGBTIQ+ community

Councils play an important role in ensuring the safety and inclusion of all people within their community including those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, and more (LGBTIQ+). 

We're committed to advocating for, supporting, and embracing our LGBTIQ+ community.

Cardinia Shire Council encourages a sense of belonging within our shire. We support an inclusive community comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, including and not limited to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, those identifying as LGBTIQ+, people of faith, and people of all ages, genders and abilities. 

In March 2017, Council established an internal LGBTIQ+ Action Group to investigate ways as a council we can make our community and council facilities an inclusive place for the LGBTI community. This group of staff volunteers also have committed to progress inclusiveness for LGBTIQ+ staff and residents in Cardinia. 

What we have achieved so far:

  • Connect magazine article was developed and published discussing universal design in Council Buildings which incorporates gender neutral facilities and goes beyond 'female friendly'
  • Council endorsement received for the inclusive statement to be included on the website and in various Council Publications  
  • advocated to Casey Cardinia Libraries to include inclusive literature for all ages in collections. 
  • attended Pride March as part of the Midsumma Festival 
  • held an Annual IDAHOBIT Day lunch and learn events for Staff and Councillors including a rainbow flag raising 
  • worked with our Information Management team on e-forms, Name and Address Standards and Client Data Exchange Standards to modify them to be more inclusive 
  • rainbow stickers have been affixed to the entrance of main Council buildings
  • universal design principles have been incorporated into facility standards and support gender inclusiveness
  • an inclusive statement is now included in all recruitment advertising
  • improved wording of all Policies, Procedures, and the Enterprise Agreement to ensure the language is inclusive 
  • arranged an inclusive photo shoot for use in promotions and publications
  • Community Sport and Movement Festival for IDAHOBIT Celebrations with partners Proud 2 Play and the Rainbow Sports Alliance
  • Partnered with Proud 2 Play to deliver Rainbow Ready Clubs training to Cardinia Shire Sporting Clubs

What we’re committed to for the future 

  • investigating opportunities to develop some pop-up public art experiences such as street art, temporary rainbow paths etc 
  • continuing to provide LGBTIQ+ inclusive events such as the Pride Formal, IDAHOBIT Day and the Pride March
  • arranging a training package for all staff and Councillors around LGBTIQ+ inclusiveness
  • continuing education for community sporting clubs as part of the Rainbow ready Clubs Program
  • supporting the development of facilities that are safe, welcoming and inclusive

Council is committed to making Cardinia Shire welcoming, accessible and inclusive to all. 

Each year Council is committed to supporting the following major LGBTIQ+ events and celebrations:

  • Pride March 
  • Wear it Purple Day
  • Annual Youth Services Pride Formal 

Check the What's On Cardinia page to see the details of all events being delivered across the year.


Community based organisation providing peer based, volunteer run support service for LGBTIQ people, their friends, families and allies.
More info: Call 1800 184 527 or go to the Switchboard website

Family Planning Victoria 

Provides reproductive and sexual health clinical services.
More info: Call 9257 0100 or 1800 013 952 (free call) or go to the Family Planning Victoria website

Drummond Street Services: Queerspace QHealth 

Information and services aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the queer and LGBTIQA+ communities QHealth is a counselling service for people who would like to talk about the concerns or impacts of their alcohol or other drug use in a confidential, nonjudgmental and queer-affirmative space.
More info: Call 9663 6733 or go to the Drummond Street Services website

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne: Gender Service 

A service to improve the physical and mental health outcomes of children and adolescents who are trans or gender diverse.
More info: Call 9345 5890 or go to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne website 

Monash Health Gender Clinic 

A state-wide service to improve the health and wellbeing of trans, gender diverse and non-binary people aged 17 years and above. 
More info: Call 9556 5216 or go to the Monash Health Gender Clinic website

Q Life

Counselling and referral service for LGBTI people.
More info: Call 1800 184 527 or go to the Q Life website

Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council) 

A range of services from prevention to education, treatment and care of People Living with HIV/AIDS and counselling services. 
More info: Go to the Thorne Harbour Health website 

Positive Women 

Support and advocacy for women living with HIV 
More info: Call 9863 8747 go to the Positve Women website

Living Positive Victoria

Community based organisation representing all people living with HIV in Victoria since 1988 and is committed to the advancement of human rights and wellbeing of all people living with HIV. 
More info: Call 9863 8733 or go to the Living Positive website


A peer led Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) General Practice clinic located in Fitzroy operated by Thorne Harbour Health. 
More info: Call 9416 2889 or go to the Equinox website


A peer led Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) General Practice clinic located in Fitzroy operated by Thorne Harbour Health.
More info: Call 9416 2889 or go to the Pronto website

Prahran Market Clinic

Clinic for rapid HIV testing for men
More info: Call 9514 0888 or go to the Prahran Market Clinic website

Northside Clinic

General practice located in Fitzroy North specialising in LGBTI health, trans and gender diverse healthcare 
More info: Call 9485 7700 or go the Northside Clinic website

Melbourne Sexual Health

Walk in clinic offering sexual health screening services 
More info: Call 9341 6200 or go to the Melbourne Sexual Health website 

Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre will be the iconic new home of Victoria’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex communities.
More info: Go to the Pride Centre website 

GLHV (Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria) 

LGBTI Health and Wellbeing policy and resource unit.
More info: Call 9479 8760 or go to the GLHV website

Transgender Victoria 

Works with and for the trans and gender diverse (TGD) community and allies to create positive change.
More info: Call 9020 4642 or go to the Transgender Victoria website

Rainbow Families

A volunteer community organisation based in Victoria that supports and promotes equality for ‘rainbow’ families.
More info: Go to the Rainbow Families website

National LGBTI Health Alliance 

National peak health organisation for organisations and individuals that provide health related programs, services and research focused on LGBTIQ+.
More info: Go to the National LGBTI Health Alliance website

Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council (AGMC) 

A peak body for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer individuals and community groups of multicultural and multifaith backgrounds.
More info: Go to the AGMC website

Hares and Hyenas 

This community bookshop specialising in LGBTIQ+ stories.
More info: Go to the Hares and Hyenas website

Victoria Police GLLOs 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Liaison Officers.
More info: Go to the LGBTIQ+ liaison officers website 

Rainbow Network 

Network, training and resources for people working with same sex attracted, intersex, trans and gender diverse young people. 
More info: Call 9479 8760 or go to the Rainbow Network website


Minus 18 

Champions for LGBTIQ Youth Australia Wide – Events, support, workshops and campaigns.
More info: Go to the Minus 18 website


Headspace Knox 

Free mental health service who specialise in youth wellbeing for young people aged 12-25.
More info: Call 9801 6088 or go to Headspace Knox website


Youth Service 

Provide support to LGBTIQ+ young people 16-25 and their families around Alcohol and other Drug use.
More info: Call 9865 6700 or go to the Youth Services website

Proud 2 Play

Organisation that focuses on increasing LGBTIQ+ engagement in sport, exercise and active recreation. 
More info: Go to the Proud 2 Play website


Midsumma Festival

Victoria’s premier LGBTQIA+ cultural festival, made for and by communities who live with shared experience around diverse gender and sexuality.
More info: Go to the Midsumma Festival website


Melbourne Queer Film Festival 

A film festival that showcases the finest, contemporary queer cinema from Australia and beyond in the largest queer film festival in the Southern Hemisphere. 
More info: Go to the Melbourne Queer Film Festival


GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Business and Enterprise) 

Community group that welcomes LGBTI individuals, businesses, community groups and their supporters so they can engage and develop their interests in an environment that encourages diversity and inclusiveness.
More info: Go to the GLOBE website


Team Melbourne 

Melbourne’s Home of LGBTIQ+ Sport and Recreation.
More info: Go to the Team Melbourne website


Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus 

LGBTIQ+ community choir 
More info: Go to the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Chorus website


Melbourne Rainbow Band 

Gay and Lesbian community concert band 
More info: Go to the Melbourne Rainbow Band


Dance Cats 

Same Sex dancing specialists who provide a safe & fun environment for the LGBTIQ community & their friends to learn and express themselves in dance. 
More info: Go to the Dance Cats website