Apply for a heritage grant

Heritage grants of up to $5000 are available to help repair or conserve places and sites of heritage significance, including significant trees.

The 2017–18 grants round has closed.

  1. Visit Community Compass

  2. Enter the site address

  3. Select 'Planning zones and overlays'. 

A grant can be used for places or a site included in the Cardinia Shire Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay.

Eligible projects include: 

  • repairs and conservation work
  • capital works that improve community access
  • the development of conservation management or interpretation plans.

Applications for staged projects will be considered. 


Grants will be funded on a $1-for-$1 basis ($1 from Council and $1 from the applicant) to a maximum grant of $5000.

The applicant’s contribution may include in-kind support, such as donations of goods, services and labour (labour should be calculated on $33 per hour).

Successful projects will receive funding upon completion of works, submission of appropriate planning or building permits and evidence of spending.

Projects are eligible for a heritage grant if:

Applications should identify as many criteria as possible, and explain how the criteria are met. Priority will be given to projects that meet the majority of the community benefit indicator criteria.

Projects must be consistent with approved plans for the long-term conservation of the site. If no Conservation Management Plan exists, the project must be consistent with heritage best practice as outlined in the Burra Charter 2013.

You can apply for multiple projects for  a place or site, however only 1 project can receive funding. Places and sites that have not received funding in the previous 2 rounds of grants will be given priority.

Project criteria

  • The place/site must be open to or accessible by the public/community.
  • Proposed works are fundamental to the condition and long-term conservation of the place/site such as re-stumping, drainage, roofing and other conservation works.
  • The place/site is at high/imminent risk of physical threat.
  • The place/site has a Conservation Management Plan, Interpretation Plan and/or condition reports to guide or ensure long-term conservation and management

Community benefit indicator criteria

Identify at least one of the following criteria in your application:

  • Increased training and education opportunities – the project may assist in the development of a training venue for the community.
  • Opportunities for community events – the site will be made available for community events through provision of restored facilities, venues or public places.
  • The place or site is or will be open and accessible to the public – including interpreting the significance to visitors.
  • Increased social interaction and links with other places or attractions – for example, heritage walks or bike paths.
  • The place or site has a strong historical association with persons or events that are well known to the local community – for contribution to history, public affairs or cultural life of Cardinia Shire.
  • Increased provision for business opportunities at heritage places and sites – the project will invest in local heritage places or sites to be used as business premises open to the public.
  • Enhancement of neighbouring or associated heritage places or structures – the project complements or enhances associated properties, precincts or streetscapes of which it is a part.
  • Improved access to community services – the project improves the community’s access to services.
  • Creation of cultural tourism or attraction – the project enables a place or site to become a tourist destination and raise local awareness and knowledge of its significance.

Privately owned heritage sites

Privately-owned heritage places will only be considered for funding if they demonstrate use or access by the community and priority will be given to projects to repair and conserve public heritage places or sites. 

We will not fund:

  • extensions, additions or new works to a heritage place unless it is to improve community access, for example wheelchair ramps may be funded
  • conservation or management plans involving moveable cultural heritage objects
  • purchase of digital or electronic equipment to record and document places or sites
  • works on places or sites that are not included in the Heritage Overlay
  • retrospective works.

Applications were assessed in September and October 2017 by a panel of Council officers. 

Successful applicants will be contacted in November 2017. Work must be completed by 30 April 2018.

A conservation management plan (CMP) provides a list of recommended actions (works) in priority order that allows the owner to stage the works over time. A heritage consultant is required for this. A list of heritage conservation professionals can be found by searching Heritage Victoria's Consultant and contractor directory.

An interpretation plan for a site may propose signage for a building, site or precinct within in the Heritage Overlay. Development of these plans must involve the assistance of a heritage interpretation specialist.

Contact our Sustainability and Heritage Officer on 1300 787 624 or email for more information or for help with your application.