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Book a hard waste collection

  • Cardinia Shire Council is moving to a bookable hard waste collection service. This will replace the previous twice-yearly, shire-wide collection.   
  • Every household in Cardinia Shire that gets its bins collected by Council will be able to book 2 free hard waste collections per calendar year. This applies to both property owners and renters.  
  • Bookings are now open. Book online or by calling 1300 787 624 and following the prompts for hard waste. 
  • This service is for green waste and household items that can’t be reused. Before booking your collection, please consider offering items in good condition to charity, or selling them online.
  • You must book your collection before putting waste out. 
  • Hard waste should be placed on your nature strip the weekend immediately before your collection week, but no earlier. It must be left out by 6am on the Monday at the start of your collection week.   
  • Before putting your waste out, make sure you understand what will and won't be accepted for collection.
  • Additional hard waste collections (on top of the 2 free collections) can also be booked for a fee. 

Before you book your collection, consider some more environmentally-friendly options for dealing with your hard waste. While whitegoods, metals, tied green waste and mattresses collected will be recovered (that is, converted into other resources), all other items will go to landfill. 

If you no longer want items but they are in good condition, give them a second life by:  

  • donating them to a charity (always check with the charity first before dropping your items off) 
  • giving them to family or friends 
  • selling or giving them away via websites such as ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, or in online community group pages, 'buy nothing new' or 'pay it forward' groups
  • holding a garage sale.

You must book a collection BEFORE putting items out. If you don’t, you may be fined up to $6,000 for illegal dumping. 

How early can I put items out?   

Anytime on the weekend immediately before your collection week – but no earlier.  

What’s the latest I can put items out?  

6am on the Monday at the start of your collection week. Please do not add items after this time.

  • Stack items neatly on your nature strip, in piles according to waste type.   
  • Items must not block the footpath, driveway or road. 

Items on nature strip ready for hard waste collection

You can put out up to 2 cubic metres per collection (2 metres x 1 metre x 1 metre).


Shows how much hard waste you can put out - a pile 2 metres wide by 1 metre high by 1 metre deep.

  • Divide your waste into piles according to the guidelines below.  
  • All items must be under 30 kilograms and less than 1.5 metres in length.  
  • Items you leave out that are on the ‘NO’ list will not be collected. They must be returned to your property within 24 hours to avoid a possible fine. 

Pile 1: Whitegoods and metal

  • Whitegoods (Fridge and freezer doors must be removed or taped shut)
  • Appliances
  • Scrap metal
  • E-waste (any item with a battery or cord. Remove batteries first).
Pic of vacuum cleaner and computer out for hard waste collection

Computers, vacuums and appliances are examples of e-waste and should be put in Pile 1.


Pile 2: Tied green waste

Tree branches and prunings. These must be tied into bundles with string or twine. Each bundle must be less than 1.5m long and less than 30kg. 

Pile 3: Household items

  • Household furniture 
  • Hot water systems
  • Mattresses and bed bases (up to 2 per collection; for example, 1 base and 1 mattress, or 2 matresses).  
  • Carpet. (Tied or taped into rolls of less than 1.5m and less than 30kg)
  • Small car parts. (No springs, engines, gearboxes or differentials).  
  • Glass and mirrors (must be wrapped and labelled ‘glass’ or ‘mirror’).
  • Cardboard 
  • Polystyrene/foam packaging 
  • Paint tins (Must be empty with lids off).  
  • Timber pieces (Must be less than 1.5 metres long and neatly stacked. No nails or staples).  
  • Car tyres (maximum of 4).  

To find out how to dispose of the items below, refer to our A to Z waste guide

  • Bookings close on Thursday for collections the following week (subject to availability).
  • You can book as far as 2 months in advance. 

Bookings are now open. 

Book online  

You can also book by calling 1300 787 624 and following the prompts for hard waste.  

When you book online or over the phone, you’ll be asked to:  

  • choose a collection week. During peak times, certain weeks may book out.  
  • list the types of materials you want collected.
  • Items may be collected anytime from Monday 6am to Friday 4pm during your collection week.  
  • Different types of materials may be collected on different days.

Missed collections

  • Please don’t report a missed collection until after Friday 4pm of your booked collection week. To report a missed collection please call 1300 787 624 and follow the prompts for hard waste.
  • To cancel or change your booking, you must contact us 7 days before your booked date.
  • Changes and cancellations can only be made over the phone.  

To change or cancel a booking: Call 1300 787 624 and follow the prompts for hard waste.

Up to 2 hard waste collections per calendar year – FREE
Up to 2 additional paid collections – $100 per collection

  • Each household can book an additional 2 paid collections per calendar year, on top of the 2 free collections.
  • You can use the booking portal to check how many collections you've had this calendar year, and to pay for additional collections. 
  • All rules and instructions about free collections (as stated on this page) also apply to paid collections. 

Phone: 1300 787 624 and follow the prompts for hard waste