Hard waste information

We provide 2 shire-wide hard and bundled green waste collections (which also includes collection of TVs and computers) every year, around April/May and October/November. 

Check your next hard and bundled green waste collection week 

Up to 2 cubic metres of:

  • carpet
  • furniture
  • hot water systems
  • household items
  • mattresses and bed bases
  • couches
  • mirrors or glass (securely wrapped and labelled)
  • old tools
  • paint tins (empty and lids off)
  • scrap metal
  • tree branches (must be tied up or ‘bundled’ with string and be less than 1.5 metres long and 15 centimetres wide)
  • small car parts (no springs and less than 50 kilograms)
  • timber (no more than 12 pieces, no longer than 1.5 metres, neatly stacked)
  • whitegoods (doors removed), TVs and computers.

You can leave out up to 2 cubic metres of materials for the hard and bundled green waste collection. 

If you want to get rid of extra bundled green waste above this amount, you can book to get an extra 3 cubic metres of bundled green waste collected for $60. Please book at least 2 weeks before your hard and bundled green waste collection week.

Contact us to book extra green waste collected

  • asbestos sheeting
  • barbed wire
  • batteries
  • building or renovation materials
  • car bodies, springs and engine blocks
  • cement/concrete sheets
  • chemicals and their containers
  • bags of regular household rubbish (place these in your garbage bin)
  • fence panels
  • fencing wire
  • fire extinguishers
  • gas bottles
  • glass that is unwrapped or broken
  • green waste in plastic bags, or that isn’t tied up (bundled)
  • LPG cylinders
  • paint and liquids
  • soil, rubble and bricks
  • tree stumps or roots over 30kgs
  • tyres
  • water tanks (either whole or cut up)

Go to the Planet Ark Recycling Near You website to find out how you can either recycle or dispose of these items, or visit the 'Recycling or disposing of miscellaneous items' web page. 

Sell it or give it away

Recycle it

You can put pots and pans and plastic toys into your recycling bin.