Before you burn off ...

The Fire Danger Period has ended in Cardinia Shire. Before you burn off, please ensure that you meet all the conditions and have registered your burn off beforehand. Click here to follow the steps to ensure a safe and legal burn off >

Ways to reduce your household waste

Recycling is great, but reducing your waste by avoiding, reducing and re-using is even better. Follow the below tips to reduce your waste and help our environment.

By reducing your household waste, you may be able to swap your 120-litre garbage bin for an 80-litre bin, and save money on your garbage charge. 

  • Use a compost and worm farm to turn your food waste into great soil conditioners.
  • A mulcher will turn your garden waste into mulch that you can then put back on your garden.  

If you live in Cardinia Shire and you purchase a compost bin, worm farm or mulcher, you can apply for a rebate (that is, get some money back for your purchase). 

For tips on how to create a successful compost bin or worm farm go to the Sustainability Victoria website



Donate good quality clothes and household goods, and save money and the environment by purchasing second-hand goods.

Go to the Australian OpShop Listing website to find your closest charity shop.


Say no to single use plastic by choosing reusable alternatives.

  • Bring your own bags to the supermarket and shops.
  • Purchase reusable coffee cups and avoid single use coffee cups. Many retailers offer discounts for bringing your own cup; ask at your local café or check on the Responsible Cafes website.
  • Say no to a straw with your drink, or buy a reusable straw.
  • Bring a reusable cutlery set.

Choose to support products and brands that use reduced or reusable packaging.

Choose products made from recycled content to reduce the amount of raw materials being used. For example, by buying recycled office paper, toilet paper and paper towels you’ll be helping to protect the world’s forests.

Find more recycled-content products for your home and business at Planet Ark’s Recycled Products Directory