Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy

By implementing this strategy, we aim to achieve this vision for Cardinia Shire: Waste and resource recovery services will be appropriate, provide value for money, and produce improved environmental benefits and amenity for our community. Council will collaborate with others in the region to advocate for and facilitate improved services and outcomes for our diverse and distinctive shire.

  • Increasing resource recovery with a particular focus on hard waste, food in garbage waste, additional kerbside programs and e-waste.
  • Achieving long-term secure landfill arrangements by reducing landfill and seeking alternative landfill treatment options.
  • Addressing increasing issues of illegal dumping through improved services and compliance activities.
  • Appropriate consideration of waste management provisions in developments, including increased higher density development, infill development and new Council facilities
  • Supporting the local community to be responsible and accountable for the waste they generate and how they dispose of it. 
  • Continuing to drive value-for-money services.

The Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy (2017–26) was adopted in December 2017. 

It is a roadmap for the future direction and actions of our waste and resource recovery services, waste-related education and advocacy activities. It replaces the Waste Management Strategy (2010–15) and the Litter Strategy (2012–17).

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Our Action Plans are designed to turn the strategic direction into achievable actions. It identifies key stakeholders, timelines and resources required to achieve each action.

This plan will be reviewed and revised every 5 years.

This action plan reflects the ambitions and strategic direction of Cardinia's Council Plan (2021–25) and the Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy (2017–26). It builds on the success of the initial and now completed 2017–21 action plan and also considers more recent industry changes, incorporating a range of actions and requirements as outlined by the Victorian Governments Kerbside Reform. This action plan brings both existing Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy goals and new Victorian Government goals and requirements together into one practical document.

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