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Future waste initiatives in Cardinia Shire

We are always looking at the way we manage waste to make sure it reflects industry changes, and best supports the environment and our growing community.


  • Cardinia Shire residents with a green waste bin service will be able to add all cooked and uncooked food to their bin from late-2020. The service will be re-named the Food and Green Waste bin. 
  • We will run an extensive education campaign before the service starts, so you know how to use it. 

The food and green waste will be processed into compost for Victorian farms and gardens.

About one third of the waste going to landfill in Cardinia Shire is food. When this food waste goes to landfill, it decomposes without oxygen creating liquid run-off, leachate, and methane, a significant contributor to climate change. It also wastes valuable nutrients in the food that could be put to better use.

We will still be advocating for everyone to reducing food waste in the first place rather than using the new service, by not buying or preparing too much food, freezing leftovers, feeding them to pets, or using home composting or worm farming. 

Reducing food waste going to landfill is a priority for Council, and is included in our Council Plan, Liveability Plan and Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy.

We’re partnering with 15 other councils from the south east of Melbourne to seek proposals from industry for a smarter way to deal with household rubbish by using advanced waste processing. 

Advanced waste processing solutions recover valuable materials and/or produce energy from rubbish. They are used safely and reliably around the world.

The councils are seeking proposals from businesses to design, build and operate advanced waste processing facilities to meet the needs of their communities. Together, we’ll deliver a vital alternative to landfill that will transform how household rubbish is managed. We’ll put it to good use instead of burying it in the ground and leaving a problem for future generations.

More information: Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group


We have entered into a short-term arrangement with recycling processor, Polytrade recycling, to accept and process 100% of our kerbside recycling.

We are also working with Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) and 60 other Victorian Councils on a long-term group contract, which will come into effect at the end of our arrangement with Poytrade. By working together, larger contracts can encourage investment in recycling infrastructure and technology, and attract new candidates to the Victorian recycling sector. For more information visit the Metropolitan Waste and Recovery Resource Group website

All new rubbish bins and bin lid repairs are being supplied with red lids, so they are in line with the Australian National Standard for bin colours. Using a standard colour has been shown to be less confusing for people, and increases the chance of materials going in the right bin. 

If you have a dark green lid: You'll have this until your bin needs replacing. This gradual changeover will significantly reduce costs and plastic waste.

Our existing waste rebates have been expanded to include cloth nappies and reusabe sanitary items. You can find more details and apply for a rebate at our rebate page.  This is an action in our Waste and Resource Recovery Action Plan (2017-21). 

For more information on our future waste projects, read Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy (2017-21).