Future waste initiatives in Cardinia Shire

We're always looking at smarter ways to manage waste. We need waste management that reflects industry changes, and supports our environment and growing community.

We've partnered with other south-east Melbourne coucils to seek proposals from the waste industry for a smarter way to deal with household rubbish.

  • Landfills in South-east Melbourne are filling up and with no more planned to be built, if an alternative to landfill isn’t found, large amounts of waste will need to be transported across Melbourne to other landfill sites for disposal.
  • Cardinia Shire Council has formed a company with other councils to deliver an advanced waste processing alternative to landfill.
  • South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing Pty Ltd, will help councils deliver an advanced waste processing facility to process household rubbish instead of burying it in landfill.
  • Together we’ll deliver a vital alternative to landfill that will transform how household rubbish is managed through the South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing project. 

More info: A smarter solution to landfill – Advanced Waste Processing

  • A new and easy way to recycle drink containers is coming to Victoria on 1 November 2023. 
  • The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) will complement Victoria’s household waste collection system by making it easier to recycle when you’re away from home.
  • A 10-cent refund is given for every eligible drink container – cans, cartons, and bottles – returned to a refund collection point.
  • The scheme will provide shared benefits to the community, environment and economy by delivering; better recycling (cleaner streams), less waste (old containers become new ones), less litter (cut by up to half), and new jobs and economic opportunities across Victoria.

More info: Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme

Since January 2019 red lidded rubbish bins have been gradually introduced for all new rubbish bin deliveries, repairs and replacements, rather than the previous green lids. This change aligns Cardinia's kerbside bin colours with the Australian Standards and the Victorian Governments Recycling Victoria: A New Economy policy and plan.

Using standard bin colours has been shown to help:

  • reduce confusion
  • help people sort correctly
  • reduces costs
  • provides better outcomes for the environment.

It also supports Victoria's move to a more standardised approach to household waste and recycling.  

When your rubbish bin lid will change over

You will keep your dark green lid until:

  • your bin needs to be replaced
  • or until a final shire-wide changeover is arranged in the future.

By gradually changing bin colours in this way, we have significantly reduced costs and plastic waste.


As part of the Victorian Governments Recycling Victoria: A New Economy policy and plan, we're working towards meeting all of the specified requirements. This includes a separate glass collection service by 2027 for all Victorian households.

  • Council has not yet set a date for the introduction of a separate glass service. We have decided to wait until the Container Deposit Scheme is introduced (by 2023) to understand how this may impact glass recycling, before considering possible timelines and options. 
  • At this stage, only a few metropolitan councils have begun glass collection trials. We'll be working closely with these councils, reviewing trial results and learnings to determine the best option for our community.
  • We'll keep you updated on this process. In the meantime, glass bottles and jars can continue to be placed in the yellow lidded recycling bin.

More info: Victorian Government website - 4 bin waste and recycling system

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