Waste rebates and discounts

We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste sent to landfill – that’s why we provide rebates and incentives to you if you take steps to reduce your household waste.

1. Buy one of the following: 

  • compost bin
  • worm farm
  • bokashi bin
  • in-ground food waste digester
  • garden mulcher
  • garden shredder
  • portable wood chipper

2. Apply for your rebate by submitting the waste reduction rebate form. (You will need to include a copy of the receipt and proof of your Cardinia Shire address). 

If your system cost less than $50

We will refund you for the amount you spent. 

Rebate not available for:

  • commercial equipment
  • blower vac mulchers
  • mulching mowers
  • parts and accessories.

Organic waste makes up almost half of the waste produced by households. If this waste goes to landfill it decomposes without oxygen, creating harmful gases including methane.

Using a compost bin helps to reduce waste that would otherwise go to landfill and creates nutrient-rich material for your garden. 

For more info on composting and worm farms go to the Sustainability Victoria website 

Mulching provides a great alternative to using a green waste bin or burning materials. Burning garden waste releases gases that are harmful to humans and the environment. By using a mulcher, shredder or wood chipper, you will generate nutrient-rich material that can be added to your garden or land.

We will give you a $30 discount on your next annual rates bill if you swap your 120-litre garbage bin for an 80-litre bin.

Apply to swap bin online

If you prefer, you can arrange this swap by visiting our customer service centre (view our Google Maps location) or by calling us on 1300 787 624