Your recycling bin (with the yellow lid) is collected every 2 weeks.

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Recycling bin with yellow lid on kerb

The recycling bin has a yellow lid and is collected every 2 weeks.


To check what you can (and can't) put in your recycling bin visit What you can put in your bins

  • Only put acceptable items in your recycling bin (cardboard, paper, cans, plastic bottles and containers, and glass bottles and jars).
  • If you put items that aren't accepted in your recycling bin, it may not be collected. 
  • Empty and rinse items before they go in your recycling bin. 
  • Don't put your recycling in a bag - items must be placed loose in your recycling bin.  
  • Squash bulky containers and flatten boxes to make more room in your bin.
  • When your recycling bin is emptied the material is taken to Re.Group in Dandenong.
  • Re.Group is a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) similar to the one shown in the video below.
  • The facility uses a combination of manual sorting and machines to process recycling into different material types; paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, steel and aluminium. The sorted materials are bundled and then sold to be made into new products. Material that doesn’t fit in these categories is taken to landfill. 

  • Council has entered into a contract with recycling processor, Re.Group, to accept and process our kerbside recycling.
  • As of 11 November 2019, ALL recyclables collected are being processed by Re.Group (previously Polytrade Recycling). This follows a facility upgrade, allowing a greater quantity of recyclables to be accepted. 
  • No recycling processors in the South East, including Re.Group, can accept soft plastics as part of their kerbside recycling service. Please put your soft plastics in your kerbside rubbish bin. 
  • Council is working with the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) and 60 other Victorian councils on a group contract for recycling services. By working together, larger contracts can encourage investment in recycling infrastructure and technology, and attract new candidates to the Victorian recycling sector.