Order a bin for your household

  • Every household that pays rates must have a rubbish and recycling bin service however our green waste service is optional.
  • You need to order your bins within 5 days of moving in.

Bin collection service costs are charged as part of our rates and charges. 

Fees are charged on a pro-rata basis, meaning ratepayers will be charged proportionally according to when in the financial year the bin is ordered. Extra bins and the green waste bin service must be kept for a minimum of 6 months.

Rubbish and recycling bins

(when you or a tenant is first moving into a property with no bins)

  • 120-litre rubbish bin and recycling bin service: $283.70
  • 80-litre rubbish bin and recycling bin service: $253.70

Extra rubbish bin

  • 120-litre: $200

Extra recycling bin

  • 240-litre: $84

Optional 240-litre green waste bin

  • 240-litre: $117

Your bin will usually be delivered within 3 working days if you live in Beaconsfield, Officer or Pakenham, and within 5 working days in other areas of Cardinia Shire.


Use the online form below to order a bin. 

Order a bin for your household online

If you prefer, you can order your bin by calling our Customer Service Centre on 1300 787 624 or emailing mail@cardinia.vic.gov.au