Community wellbeing support grants

  • The 2022-2023 grant round has now closed.
  • The 2023-2024 grant round will open in January 2023

The Community Wellbeing and Support Grants Program helps to establish new organisations, projects and services.

It funds initiatives that:

  • improve residents' health and wellbeing
  • support opportunities for volunteering
  • build the capacity of community groups, projects and programs to be sustainable.

There are 3 categories of funding:

Seeding grants (up to $5,000)

These grants can be used to support establishment costs of a new organisation, group, club, project, program or service.

Examples include:

  • promotional material to advertise a new program or group
  • incorporation fees
  • insurance
  • design costs for a newsletter or website
  • purchase of small items of equipment.

Where insurance costs are requested in the set-up of an organisation, Council will commit to funding this cost for the first year only.

Other ongoing costs must be evidenced to be sustained without further Council support beyond the first year of its life.

Volunteering grants (up to $3,000)

These grants can be used to undertake a range of initiatives that will grow and develop volunteering within Cardinia Shire.

Examples include:

  • establishing volunteering programs
  • training and developing volunteers, where not mandated by regulation, nor within the scope of training that is provided by the organisation*
  • promotion of volunteering opportunities.

*Applications cannot include requests for support for training already subsidised by Council.

Small change grants (up to $1,000)

These grants can be used to assist with a range of ad hoc costs that cannot be met through other funding sources.

Examples include:

  • purchase of small items of equipment
  • uniforms
  • website redevelopment
  • short term projects
  • Christmas decorations.

Operating costs associated with the day-to-day running of an organisation/group will not be funded through small change grants. If the organisation/group cannot continue without the item/program/service then it is considered an operating cost.

  • Activities which are a primary or core service and/or responsibility of Council or State or Federal governments
  • Initiatives from an individual rather than a group
  • Private, profit-making organisations
  • Political organisations
  • Capital works projects (as defined in Council’s Community Capital Works Grants Policy)
  • Public space/township beautification projects
  • Replacement of existing equipment and/or furnishings at community and recreational facilities
  • Maintenance of community or recreational facilities
  • Events
  • Operating costs
  • Existing salaries

To be eligible for this grants program, groups and organisations must be:

  • not-for-profit; and
  • locally based and/or servicing Cardinia Shire residents;
  • a Community Asset Committee of Council; or
  • incorporated (or be auspiced by an incorporated organisation – please note, Community Asset Committees cannot take on the function of an auspice).

If a licence, lease or funding agreement exists between Council and the community organisation, then the agreements need to be signed and current in order for applications to be considered.

Community groups with incomplete or outstanding projects are not eligible to apply for further projects and applications will not be considered.

Recipient Project receiving funding
Anglicare Victoria 1. ParentZone Hub – 'Volunteers Making a Difference Program’                    2. ParentZone Hub - Community Engagement Project
Art Show - Pakenham Inc Digitally Created Art
Beaconsfield Junior Football Club Emergency response coordinator course 
Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre Table Tennis Tables
Berwick Pakenham Historical Society Pakenham then and now project
Bestchance Child Family Care Connecting new migrant women to their local community project
Bunyip Football Club Inc Purchase marquee for social distancing
Bunyip Renewables Action Group Inc (BRAG Inc) Bunyip Renewables Action Project 2021
Cannibal Creek Catchment Landcare Group Inc Cannibal Creek Landcare  Group historical project
Cardinia Deer Management Coalition Inc Cardinia Creek catchment deer survey - volunteer skilling
Cardinia Men’s Shed inc Equipment improvements
Cockatoo Community House  Cockatoo Garden and Grow Playgroup
Cora Lynn Show Jumping Club Purchase of a new generator
Eastern Dandenong Ranges Association Township christmas decorations 
ECG College Pakenham ECG College Pakenham Job Camp
Emerald Lakers Basketball Club Inc Emerald Lakers - Little Laker t-shirt initiative
Emerald Tennis Club Inc Maintenance equipment supply
Emerald Village Association Inc Emerald Community "Come sit by me" project
Follow Bless Collective 1. Equipment purchase - fridge for food relief storage                                    2. Volunteer training project
Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre Purchase of a public defibrillator
Gembrook Community Group Building Gembook Community Group IT capacity
Hills Arts Alliance  Establishment of the Hills Arts Alliance
Indian Australian Community Cooperative Inc. (IACC) Park Run Officer
Irabina Autism Services Autism Specific Early Intervention Groups in Cardinia
Konnext RightNow Incorporated eCulture Music and Dance Project
Kooweerup Township Committee Township christmas decorations 
Ladies of the Swamp Quilting Group Equipment purchase
Ladies Probus Club Emerald Purchase of IT equipment
Lakeside Residents Group 1. Volunteer training project                                                                            2. Event management materials
Lang Lang Cricket Club Purchase of equipment for  more efficient scoring tasks 
Lang Lang Football Club Website development 
Lang Lang Pastoral Agricultural & Horticultural Ass. Inc Purchase of cleaning equipment
Living & Learning Pakenham Inc. 1. Connecting Diverse Communities Through Podcasting project                  2.  Living Learning Pakenham - Communal Seating
Melbourne Youth Chorale Curriculum re-development project
Mountain District Radio Inc 3MDR Volunteer development
Mountain Men Inc. Bringing Men Together project
Nar Nar Goon Pony Club Purchase of portable round yard 
Officer Kangaroos Junior Football Club Strength& Conditioning Program
Officer Tennis Club Officer Tennis Club community wellbeing project
Outlook Community Centre Healthy mind - Healthy Body project
Pakenham Community Garden Aboriginal Heritage Food and Medicine Trail in P.B Ronald Reserve
Pakenham Little Athletics New uniform purchase
Pakenham Womens Friendship Cafe 1. Living Learning Belonging - A Journey of Recovery project                        2. Purchase of IT equipment
Saturday School Saturday School project
Social inclusion coffee group - Cockatoo Community House A nice cappuccino and a chat project
Sustain: The Australian Food Network The People of Cardinia's Food Movement - volunteer promotion project
TaskForce Community Agency Reboot - mental health and martial art fitness for marginalised youth
The Scout Association of Australia - Lang Lang Scout group Purchase of marquee's
Turningpoint Church Koo Wee Rup 1. Mother's Group volunteer development                                                      2. Volunteer recruitment and retention


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