Syringe disposal (sharps) exchange service

  • Council offers a free syringe disposal exchange service for Cardinia Shire residents. 
  • This page has information on where to collect empty sharps containers and dispose of full ones. 


  • Empty sharps containers are available for residents to collect from our customer service centre, located at the Civic Centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer.
  • Please bring ID that shows you are a resident of Cardinia Shire. 

Once the container is full (do not overfill) or is no longer needed, you can return it to our customer service centre located at the Civic Centre at 20 Siding Avenue, Officer.

The container can be exchanged for an empty container if required. 

  • You must be a resident of Cardinia Shire (you may be asked to provide ID)
  • We can only accept syringes if they are returned securely sealed in eligible sharps containers, such as containers we have issued, or containers purchased from a pharmacy.
  • Do not bring loose syringes for disposal, as we cannot accept them.
  • We do not provide or dispose of sharps containers for businesses such as GPs, vets, dentists, etc. In these organisations, needle waste should be managed by contacting a sharps disposal service.

An authorised medical waste disposal company collects the sharps containers from Council for safe disposal.

Other disposal options 

For all other disposal locations visit - Find a Pharmacy - Needle and Syringe

Contact the Environmental Health team on 1300 787 624 or