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Bin collection days and putting your bins out

  • Bin collection continues as normal, but bins may be collected a little earlier in the day than usual. This is to allow our contractor to stagger employee start times.
  • As always, please put your bins out the night before to ensure they are out in plenty of time to be collected.
  • Bins collection days have not changed.
  • We pick up rubbish and recycling from your property on scheduled collection days. An optional fortnightly green waste collection is also available for an annual fee.
  • To see your next bin collection days, start typing your street address below and wait for it to appear in the drop-down field.

Place bins out the night before your collection day.

  • Bins should be returned to your property within 24 hours after collection.
  • Place bins near the kerb with handles away from the road.
  • Leave 50cm between bins and other obstacles.
  • Bins must not weigh over 70kg each.
  • Do not over fill bins - lid must be able to be closed.

If your property is in a court: 

  • Please place bins on the straight section - not in the bowl or 'T'
  • Do not park vehicles in court bowl or 'T' on collection day this prevents waste vehicles from being able to turn and can disrupt collection.

Public holidays

Bins will be collected as normal. 

Code Red Fire Danger days 

Still put your bins out for collection as normal. On Code Red fire days (the highest fire danger category), bins won't be collected from bushfire-prone areas such as the Hills, but they'll be collected in the following days - possibly even on weekends. 

Extreme Fire Danger days 

Bins may be collected earlier than usual.

If we did not pick up your bin between 6am and 5pm on your collection day, then please let us know.

Report a missed bin collection