Youth support service

  • The Youth Support Program is a voluntary service that provides short to medium-term prevention and early intervention support for young people 12-24 years old who live, work, study or recreate in Cardinia Shire.
  • The service can outreach to schools, community settings or can take place at the My Place Youth Facility.
  • Youth Services is an early intervention/prevention support service. Any referrals dealing with complex issues such as trauma and severe mental health issues will be referred on to secondary tertiary services.

The Youth Support Program works with young people on issues including: 

  • Bullying
  • Family conflict/friendship issues
  • Support for life, school, and work stresses
  • Social and emotional support
  • Strategies to help build resilience and cope with difficult situations
  • Sexuality/Gender
  • Information and referral to specialist services for eg, drugs and alcohol, Centrelink, legal advice, mental health, employment and training.
  • Providing opportunities for social and community connections.
  1. Please contact My Place Youth Centre 1800 496 884 or via email  for a copy of our Youth Support Referral Form
  2. Your referral will be reviewed to ensure we can service the request for support.
  3. You will be notified within 7 days of the outcome by phone call.

Contact the Youth Services team on 1800 496 884 


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