VicHealth Local Government Partnership

Cardinia Shire Council has partnered with VicHealth on a three-year project to connect local young people aged 12-25 with jobs in the local agricultural and related sectors.

The project - Futureproofing Farming - supports a number of Cardinia Shire's priorities, particularly:

  • increasing employment of local people into local jobs, particularly in the agricultural sector
  • supporting our farmers and agricultural industry to adapt to the changing economy and climate, through a new workforce trained in contemporary farming and regenerative agriculture
  • enhancing food literacy of young people and their families
  • supporting the development of local policies to enhance health, social and economic environments
  • identifying innovative ways to value-add to the region's primary production
  • encouraging the procurement and consumption of local food

Futureproofing Farming will be delivered over three years, with actions shaped by young people and the agricultural and education sectors in a range of workshops being planned for late 2023.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Council's Liveable Communities team at

See Cardinia Shire’s Liveability Plan 2017-2029 and Community Food Strategy 2018-2026

To learn more about the partnership with VicHealth visit the VicHealth website.