Our Liveability Plan

  • The Liveability Plan 2017-2029 focuses on the social determinants of health, or the conditions in which people are: born, learn, live, work or age.  This is also known as a community’s ‘liveability’. 
  • The Victorian Government sets the policy for land use planning in Victorian, with Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050 setting the long-term vision for Melbourne’s liveability.  However, it’s the responsibility of Council to govern and implement land-use policy locally.
  • The Liveability Plan is overseen by a partnership of more than 70 organisations, collectively working towards the shared outcomes and objectives of the Plan. 
  • The plan was reviewed and updated in 2021. You can also view a 2022-23 progress report here

View the LIveability Plan and associated documents 

By focusing on liveability, we recognise: 

  • The role of urban planning in creating environments that enhance the health and wellbeing of our community and the natural environment.   
  • Our role in advocating on behalf of the community where changes to state or federal policy need to be made.   
  • The importance of the relationship between our local land-use planning and public health planning, to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes four our community.  

Our Liveability Plan has been developed to provide a clear framework for public health planning within the shire.  The framework outlines the common agenda and priorities that Council, our partners and the community will collectively work towards over the coming years.   

Follow the Cardinia Living Healthy Facebook page to see the work we do that aligns with the Liveability Plan. 

The Community Wellbeing and Support Grants Program helps to establish new organisations, projects and services and fund initiatives that: 

  • improve residents' health and wellbeing
  • support opportunities for volunteering
  • build the capacity of community groups, projects and programs to be sustainable.