Cardinia Planning Scheme

How you can use or develop a block of land or property, and which permits you need, all depends on: 

  • which zone your property is in 
  • if any overlays apply to it
  • whether any particular provisions apply to your land or the way you want to develop it.  

These are all outlined in the Cardinia Planning Scheme, a document prepared by Council and approved by the Victorian Government. 

View the Cardinia Planning Scheme 

Every parcel of land in Victoria is in a zone. The zone provides rules as to how that land can be used and developed.

Types of zones in include:

  • residential zones (such as the Low Density Residential Zone, Mixed Use Zone, General Residential Zone and Neighbourhood Residential Zone) 
  • industrial zones 
  • commercial zones 
  • rural zones (such as the Rural Living Zone, Green Wege Zone, Green Wedge A Zone, Rural Conservation Zone and Farming Zone) 
  • public land zones (such as the Public Use Zone, Public Park and Recreation Zone, Public Conservation and Resource Zone, and Road Zone)
  • special purpose zones (such as the Special Use Zone, Comprehensive Development Zone, Urban Floodway Zone and Urban Growth Zone). 

Zoning helps to avoid conflicts between different types of land uses and ensure that development is appropriate for an area.

These operate in addition to zones. An overlay protects characteristics or concerns that are unique or important to a particular geographical area or property, such as: 

  • environmental 
  • landscape
  • vegetation (tree) protection 
  • land management 
  • heritage
  • bushfire
  • erosion management
  • flood issues.

Not all land is subject to an overlay. If an overlay applies to a parcel of land, it may specify additional requirements in relation to subdivisions, buildings and works, vegetation removal and other matters.

Overlays in Cardinia Shire are commonly used to help protect our significant environment and landscape features, protect important attributes of our townships and neighbourhoods, and respond to risks and hazards such as bushfire and flooding. As a result, sometimes more than one overlay will apply to particular land. 

To check which zone a property is in and whether any overlays apply to it, go to the Zones and Overlays tool on the VicPlan website and type in the address. 

Go to Zones and Overlays tool on VicPlan website

These are other planning requirements which apply to particular uses or development, such as advertising signs, car parking and native vegetation rules. These provisions generally apply in addition to the requirements of a zone or overlay.

From time to time, changes (amendments) are made to the planning scheme. These might be made to respond to changes in the area, to a new Council policy, or to improve how the scheme operates.

View amendments on the Victorian Government's DELWP website 

If you need advice on what you can or can't do on your property because of zones or overlays, contact our Statutory Planning team on 1300 787 624