Extend the expiry of a planning permit

Planning permits generally have an expiry date. If you are unable to start or complete your proposal before the dates on your permit, and you still wish to pursue the proposal, it is your responsibility to apply to extend the permit.

We can only assess an application to extend a permit if it has been submitted within the deadlines listed below.

  • Written justification for the need for the Extension of Time.

The application for an Extension of Time on a Planning Permit must be made in writing:

  • Before the permit expires; or
  • Within 6 months after the permit expires; or
  • Within 12 months after the permit expires, if the development lawfully commenced before the expiry date and you wish to extend the time to complete the development.

If you submit your request outside these times, Council and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) cannot extend the permit. A new application for a Planning Permit must be submitted.

$348 (non refundable).

Your application may not be accepted if you do not submit all the required information. We may request additional information to complete your application.