Replacement planting due to vegetation removal

If your planning permit requires vegetation to be removed, you may be required to compensate for the loss of vegetation in one of the following ways: 

  • planting a specified number of replacement plants on your property
  • paying Council a fee for the specified number of replacement plants. This fee will be used to plant replacement plants in Cardinia Shire’s bushland reserves   
  • a combination of the options above. 

The number of replacement plants that must be planted or purchased will be specified in your permit. 

You will need to submit the replacement planting purchase form below.

Information you need to provide with your application

To complete the form, you’ll need to gather the following information, which you’ll find in your planning permit: 

  • planning permit number (starts with a T)
  • replacement planting permit condition number
  • number of replacement plants
  • number of trees being removed

$31.50 per plant plus GST.

The total cost of replacement plantings to be purchased will be automatically calculated for you in the form.

Replacement planting form

Contact the Planning team on 1300 787 624 or